Kakun Premium Eco Wool Body Pillow

Kakun Premium Eco Wool Body Pillow

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Exceptional Sleep & Rest

Our Kakūn Premium Eco Wool Body Pillow supports your shoulders, hips and spine throughout the night, maintaining head-to-toe alignment, improving blood circulation and relieving pressure points so you can reach deep sleep.

  • Seven different size options offer full body support for every sleeper. See our body pillow guide to decide which one is right for you.
  • Cuddling a body pillow offers calming comfort that can ease stress and help you fall asleep faster
  • Ideal for side sleepers. Not one? Sleeping with a body pillow also supports faster recovery from athletic exertion, soothes the nervous system, helps with pregnancy-related discomfort and promotes optimal alignment for less snoring (yay).

• Certified Premium Eco Wool™ batting
• GOTS certified organic cotton inner casing
• GOTS certified organic sateen cotton pillowcase included
• Dust mite resistant, hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating
• Organic wool provides an all-natural fire barrier
Made in Oakville, WA, USA
• 3-year limited warranty

Small 2.75 lb | 14" x 44"
Medium 4 lb | 17" x 52"
Medium 4.5 | 17" x 52"
Medium 5 lb | 17” x 52”
Tall 5.5 lb | 18" x 65"
Tall 6.5 lb | 18" x 65"
Tall 7.5 lb | 18" x 65"

Better materials for superior sleep

Our organic and biodegradable wool pearls is luxuriously soft, yet more supportive and durable than synthetics or down.

Breathe easily knowing the whole pillow is natural, sustainably-sourced and will not off-gas, or trap heat.  

How to roll over with a body pillow

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