The 5 Sleep Essentials™

Achieve long lasting restorative rest with a fully customizable, all-natural healthy sleep system tailored to your personal preferences, positions, and needs.

Proper head support and neck alignment.

Proper head support and neck alignment is critical to achieving quality sleep. As we are all unique in shape and size, a one-size-fits all approach isn’t the solution. Instead, we designed a pillow that contours and adapts to every individual’s natural structure and form. Our Kakūn Organic Pillow is personalized just for you!

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image of a woman lying on her side on a bed with her leg and arm supported by a Kakun body pillow

Neutral and stabilized positioning.

Deep rejuvenating sleep can only be reached if restlessness is overcome. Tossing and turning is a nightly occurrence when alignment is compromised due to incorrect body positioning. We dreamt up the Kakūn Body Pillow to comfortably keep your neck and back straight, and your leg supported. By relieving the stress the body can rest.

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Kakun Premium Eco Wool Mattress Topper

Balanced comfort and full body support.

Our bodies may all be different, but our need for personalized comfort and support stays the same. A correct layer of firmness to support proper alignment, paired with the right amount of softness to relieve pressure points, achieves balanced comfort for deep sleep night-over-night. Our highly customizable Kakūn Organic Mattress will satisfy both you and your partner's individual needs.

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Ideal body temperature.

Body temperature plays a key role in the level of quality sleep that we are able to attain. Cozy and cool is ideal. Tossing the covers off in the night plays havoc with our sleep cycles. Synthetic materials equal increased perspiration, which is why our Kakūn Organic Comforter is all-natural. Its fibres are breathable and naturally thermoregulating—maintaining your optimal body temperature throughout the night. 

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Top with breathable softness.

Material matters when it comes to what the body is wrapped in during the hours of slumber. High thread count sheets don’t result in a superior night’s sleep—they trap in too much heat. Maintaining an optimal sleeping body temperature is critical for a peaceful night of rest. We recommend our Coyuchi Organic Cotton Crinkled Percale Sheets—a lower, and more breathable thread count that feels super-soft on your skin.

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