Our Story

Founded on Vancouver Island in 2013, Resthouse Sleep creates and curates timeless, all-natural sleep essentials with sustainability, long term health, and overall happiness and well-being in mind. We aim to encourage and inspire our community to prioritize good quality sleep, and offer products that encourage positive lasting change.

Letter from our Founder

Driven by sustainable sleep.

At Resthouse, we are driven by the profound impact high quality sleep has on our foundational health and wellbeing, and the value and virtues an all-natural sleep environment provides for both us as humans, and the natural world that surrounds us. We resonate deeply with those who care about people, the planet, and their impact on both. We believe that as a business, our choices and values matter, and that we have a responsibility to nurture and preserve the communities around us.

Our Commitments

Crafted with intentional care.

All our products are responsibly sourced and ethically made with love and care here in Canada and the Pacific North West. We prioritize using only high quality, all natural materials that we believe to be the most beautiful, enduring, high performing and environmentally friendly available.

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