Doing things Differently

180 Day Comfort Adjustment Guarantee

A Better Approach

Our commitment to long term sustainability.

We do things differently than most modern day mattresses companies you'll find on the market today. We don't believe in mass production, mass consumption, or negatively impacting the environment and overburdening the planet with unnecessary landfill contribution. We work together to ensure you are happy with your new mattress and will be enjoying it for many many years to come. This means working one-on-one to customize your mattress with the correct layers of comfort and support, offering layer adjustments where needed, and using high quality, durable materials to ensure you get the return on investment you deserve. All this achievable without the needed for an entirely new mattress.

Mattress Perfection

Adjusting the layers for optimal comfort and support.

You have 6 months from the date of receiving your mattress to be sure you’re happy with its level of comfort and support. If you decide within that period that you're in need of a little more softness or firmness layer, we will replace the corresponding latex mattress layer at no extra charge.*

*Excludes the Resthouse Retreat, Obasan 6" and Kakun Six Mattress

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Our Why.

More than 24 million mattresses ending up in landfills each year.