Create a sanctuary.

Bring organic home and elevate your guest experience with Resthouse.

Resthouse Retreat Mattress

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Elevate your guest experience

Hand-designed in Canada, the Resthouse Retreat Mattress was created with guest bedrooms, cottages, and B&Bs in mind. This versatile mattress offers consistent firmness and a universal feel, providing resilient support for all ages and builds. Intentionally finished with a soft 2" organic wool and latex topper to regulate your temperature and relieve pressure points for cool, uninterrupted rest.

Made of healthy, all-natural materials that are soft to the touch, the Resthouse Retreat fosters a comforting sense of restfulness. 

Better Materials for Healthier Sleep

GOLS certified latex
GOTS certified wool and cotton
Firm foundational support
Soft, cloud-like topper for soothing pressure points and alleviating tension
Suitable for all ages and builds
Highly recommended as a guest bed

Size: Twin

Inside of a resthouse organic mattress showing individual adjustable latex layers

Up-cycled with intention.

No waste. Supportive base.

Grade B latex is made from off-cuts of GOLS-certified organic dunlop, repurposed into solid layers. Our Resthouse Retreat mattress features a firm 5" Grade B latex support layer, providing a resilient foundation for years of comfortable, planet-friendly sleep.

Cradle the hips, sooth the joints, and relieve pressure points.

Topped With Cloud-Like Comfort

Each Resthouse Retreat Mattress comes with a 2" topper made of organic latex, surrounded by a generous layer of organic wool. Soft-to-the-touch, and delightfully comforting, the Retreat topper promotes deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Resthouse retreat organic mattress