Kakun Organic Luxury Pillow

NEW! The pinnacle of luxury –for side and back sleepers

Introducing the pillow that dreams were made for. We’ve intentionally combined the customizable, supportive properties of organic shredded latex with the softness and breathability of organic wool, to create our most comforting, luxurious pillow yet. The lightly padded organic cotton and wool inner shell of the Kakun Organic Luxury Pillow provides gentle cushioning, while the counter-pressure of the GOLS-certified dunlop rubber latex fill keeps your head and neck in proper alignment all night through. Simply add or remove the adjustable fill to personalize your pillow with the perfect loft that will support your individual sleeping needs.

* Includes removable outer pillowcase made from GOTS-certified organic stretch-knit cotton for an added layer of luxurious softness, and pillow protection.

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    Size: Standard
    Kakun Pillow Size Guide
    Travel 14" x 19" Bringing a little bit of the sleep sanctuary on the go  or for someone who just likes a small pillow.
    Standard 20" x 26" Standard size is best suited for smaller mattresses  or for people who want an easier pillow to maneuver when sleeping.
    Queen 20" x 30" Queen is the most popular size option, as it fits well on both a queen or king size bed. Being slightly larger in size, compared to the standard, the queen provides more pillow space for those who tend to toss and turn throughout the night.
    King 20" x 36" King size is for those who truly want a larger pillow. We find most people who are looking for a sleep pillow go with a standard or queen, as when you sleep in the middle of a king size pillow, there is a lot more material to manage. There is more accuracy with the smaller sizes.

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    Custom Comfort

    Adjustable loft and fill to achieve optimal head and neck alignment

    Temperature Regulation

    Breathable and thermal regulating to help stay comfortable and dry

    Pressure Point Relief

    Exceptional counter-pressure for lasting comfort and support

    All Natural Materials

    Made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant materials

    Personalize Your Pillow

    Uncompromising comfort and support

    When comfort is a matter of personal preference, and both sleeping position and body type matters, customizing your pillow to meet your individual needs is essential for naturally reaching deep sleep, and waking up rejuvenated, well rested and refreshed. This is why all Kakun bed and body pillows have been mindfully designed for adjustability and versatility. Modify the loft, firmness and fill to achieve optimal head support, proper neck alignment and the ultimate level of personal comfort.

    → Alleviate chronic head, neck and back pain

    → Release held tension, and increase healthy blood flow

    → Experience deeper muscle relaxation

    Construction and Materials

    Customize your pillow to support your unique sleeping preferences and needs. Handcrafted in Canada, with premium all natural materials.
    Adjustable Pillow Fill

    GOLS Certified Organic Shredded Dunlop Latex

    Adjustable fill to support any body shape and all sleeping positions. Comes intentionally overstuffed.

    Inner Pillow Casing

    GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and Wool

    Simply unzip the casing to remove or add desired fill. Machine washable.

    Outer Pillow Protection

    GOTS Certified Organic Stretch-Knit Cotton

    A luxuriously soft, breathable outer casing that extends the quality and life of your pillow by shielding it from moisture, oils, dust, and stains. Machine washable.

    What's Inside

    Organic Shredded Latex

    The heart of Kakun’s Organic Luxury Bed Pillow is its premium, GOLS-certified organic Dunlop shredded latex. Ethically and sustainably harvested from the rubber tree, this eco-friendly latex is renowned for its exceptional resilience and elasticity. It effortlessly conforms to your movements and shape, providing unparalleled support and comfort throughout the night. The shredded design enhances air circulation, helping to regulate temperature and keep you cool. This all-natural material not only supports deeper, more restorative sleep but also contributes to a healthier sleeping environment by being naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    The Kakun Organic Latex Head Pillow is perfect for all sleeping positions - back, tummy and side sleepers. Made in Canada with GOLS Certified organic shredded latex and GOTS certified cotton. This pillow is simultaneously supportive and soft, and is adjustable to achieve proper head support and neck alignment. The pillow arrives generously stuffed and can be customized to your unique body and sleeping style. Simply add or remove as much filling from the organic cotton inner shell as desired. The shredded latex filling is easy to fluff or flatten as you change position. The pure, all natural materials of the Kakun organic latex pillow make it breathable and inherently temperature-regulating for comfort that is neither too hot nor too cold. This pillow is an excellent down alternative that has the benefit of being hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. The Kakun shredded latex pillow is non-toxic, synthetic free, and made with no petroleum-based elements whatsoever.