Sleeping Warm During the Cold Winter

Sleeping Warm During the Cold Winter - 10 Tips for a Cozy Winter Sleep

As we settle into the cooler months, our thoughts turn toward the question, “How do I stay cozy and warm throughout the night?”  At Resthouse we often hear these two main concerns, “I want to keep warm but I always overheat”, and “My partner is a hot sleeper but I’m always cold. What should we do?” No need to fret, the simple answer: this winter choose warm and breathable bedding.

Let’s start with wool

Wool supports the body’s microclimate by regulating its temperature through wicking our heat and moisture away from the body and into the wool’s hollow fibres. Wool holds 1/3rd of its weight in moisture (especially compelling for those of you with night sweats) and generously serves as a natural insulator, keeping warmth in and close when needed. It will also release your heat upward and out when necessary. Your heat can actually rise and pass freely out the top as more heat comes in from below.

Wool bedding comes in many forms: comforters, blankets, toppers and mattress protectors. The experts at Holy Lamb, producers of quality Premium Eco Wool™️ bedding, suggest a comforter is the best way to tackle temperature concerns and can keep your body’s microclimate “just right”. They also offer dual-weight comforters where you and your partner can have differing temperature choices based on each of your needs. The best thing about it? You both can have the warmth/coolness that you desire while sharing the same comforter. No more nights of thermal suffering or compromising for you or your partner.

Organic cotton flannel sheets 

Flannel is widely known to be the coziest for winter. It is warm, welcoming and extra soft. Make sure you get flannel that has no higher than 200 gsm, if you don’t want your flannel to be too heavy and hot.

Tip: If you’re not up for flannel surrounding you completely, try putting a single sheet of flannel underneath you, and another type of cooler cotton above you or vice-versa. Don’t limit yourself to same type sheet sets. Mix it up.

Linen is another natural sheet fibre that is nice for winter. It is thicker than sateen and percale, and very breathable, so you won’t get sweaty at night. Linen is durable and will last for years, getting softer with every wash.

If you are using a wool comforter, then choosing sateen and percale sheets will also work nicely. Sateen cotton is drape-like and silky soft, and percale cotton is crisp to the touch. The most important thing to consider when choosing an organic sateen or percale is the thread count. 200 - 400 thread count will ensure that it is breathable and will support your temperature regulation. You don’t have to get stuck on exact numbers, just remember - natural fibres, lower thread counts and breathable textiles are better at keeping us warm and comfortable.

What surrounds us throughout the night deeply impacts our warmth and comfort. Since hot air rises, what lays on top of us is the most important aspect of our sleep system which we can control and manage. Improve your temperature regulation this winter with breathable wool and organic linens and cottons. Snuggle in and stay cozy for the whole night.

10 Ways To Sleep Extra Cozy this Winter

  • Snuggle up with a pet or loved one
  • Drink an herbal tea or hot water with lemon, ginger and honey before bedtime
  • Take a bath or hot shower before bedtime. This drastically changes skin and body temperature to promote sleepiness
  • Block drafts in the bedroom with thermal insulating window coverings
  • Invite a hot water bottle into the bed – toss it under the covers 20 minutes before climbing under the sheets
  • Switch to warmer yet breathable bed linens. Flannel, Jersey or Linen work great
  • Switch to warmer PJs or night shirt
  • Wear breathable wool socks, (for those of you whose extremities get cold)
  • Layer up the breathable blankets (lightweight wool or cotton will do it)
  • Wear a toque on extremely cold nights (heat escapes from our head)

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