Discovering Your Ideal Pillow

Discovering Your Ideal Pillow - How to Select Your Pillow Wisely

Are you someone who is perpetually hunting for that perfect pillow? Trying to find that “just right” feel? Every day we meet people who face this dilemma. Studies show that a high percentage of sleep issues are caused by an unfit pillow, so why is it so hard to find one that actually works? A part of this struggle could be caused by a misconception that a “one size fits all” pillow exists. In reality, we all are going to need something a little bit different. Therefore, picking your pillow wisely is so important to ensure you find one both comfortable and personalized to your specific needs.

Problems People Face With Pillows

When we ask about the issues people are having with their pillows, they most often say that their pillow quickly loses its loft and is no longer supportive enough. A pillow needs to stay at the correct height in order to work for the long run. Here are some of the other reasons we hear about pillows that don’t work:

  • Too firm or too soft
  • Not malleable enough
  • Cause allergies or sensitivities
  • Strong chemical smells emitting from materials
  • Causes overheating
  • Keeping an old and worn out pillow too long
  • No longer a good fit due to an injury

Choosing the Correct Pillow Can Make all the Difference

At Resthouse we offer two basic categories of pillows. First there are customizable pillows, which allow you to add in or take out filling to adjust the loft. These are a favourite amongst our customers as they keep you aligned and supported no matter what position you’re sleeping in. We also carry formed and contour pillows. They are designed for specific sleep requirements or for people who like fixed support.


Selecting a Pillow

It is important that you are able to sample a pillow before purchasing it, exploring the different feels and functions of each pillow, and in the position you’d actually be using it in. This allows you to make your selection with confidence. For the extra fussy pillow people, or for those of you who like to tweak and adjust regularly, looking at the customizable options will give you the extra control over your pillow dynamics.

Consider the Pillow’s Fill

When searching for a new pillow, it is important to also consider what’s inside of it. Not only will the fill of your pillow determine the density and the kind of support it will offer, but it will also establish how it feels to sleep on. Let’s take a look at the options.

Shredded Latex: One of our most popular fills, made from tree rubber. Here are its merits:

  • Fully customizable
  • Promotes air circulation
  • Springy and buoyant
  • Temperature neutral

Benefits: The shredded latex fill is malleable and easily shifts around to adapt to your preferred loft and shape. Ideal if you are someone who sleeps in multiple positions throughout the night.

Wool: Available in pearls or batting, wool is an excellent pillow filling. See its attributes listed here:

  • Customizable (wool pearls only)
  • Temperature regulating
  • Anti bacterial, anti microbial
  • Soft yet supportive

Benefits: Wool is a perfect fit for someone who seeks relief from overheating, and requires soft yet resilient support. Since our wool pearl pillows are customizable, they are also great for someone who wants to adapt and reshape as they go. Our non-customizable Wool Pillows come in light, regular, or thick densities to fit your preference.


Some other pillows to consider

  • Alpaca pillows are the newest addition to our line up. Alpaca fill is suited to someone who wants a springy and soft pillow that offers more warmth, but still regulates temperature efficiently. If you are partial to down, you’ll love the feel of alpaca.
  • Contour pillows have different elevations on each side, so they are perfect for someone who seeks consistent support for their neck and head. They are also a great choice for someone who has specific sleep requirements due to an injury.
  • Soap shape pillows (latex) are versatile, lower loft pillows that offer excellent shape retention. The latex is temperature neutral, and promotes airflow for a consistently comfortable sleep.

With a little bit of help, and some great options, it is possible to find that “just right” pillow, especially when you can access its insides to adapt the fill. Let’s ditch the belief in a “one size fits all” pillow fix, and instead take some time to explore and find the pillow with characteristics that match your needs perfectly.

Tips for Maintaining Your New Pillow (so it will last)

Consider your pillow’s lifespan and work within it. We recommend you replace your pillows every 2-3 years. If you maintain your pillow though, it could very easily last longer.

  • Customize your pillow regularly to best fit your comfort needs
  • Invest in an extra pillow protector. These can be great to deter dust mites or moisture build up
  • Use organic cotton pillow cases with a breathable thread count, to ensure proper air flow throughout the night: 180 - 400 thread count are ideal.
  • Rotate your soap/contour shape pillows regularly to help keep them lofty and supportive.
  • If you have purchased an alpaca or wool filled pillow, it is beneficial to place it out in the summer sun, to refresh and regain some of the fibre's spring.

Body Pillows

Are you interested in taking a step even further into ultimate sleep alignment and support? Do you often wake up with shoulder, back or hip pain? Consider investing in a Body Pillow. This long narrow pillow runs the length of your body, supporting both the arm, hip and upper leg throughout the night.

Benefits of a Body Pillow

  • Body alignment consistency throughout the night
  • Body Pillow carries the weight of the upper limbs and stops them from bearing down causing collapsing
  • Prevents the need to sleep on your stomach or back
  • Promotes an open upper arm positioning for ease of blood flow and circulation
  • Excellent stability for injury recovery and healing
  • Soothes and helps you fall asleep faster

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