Unwrapping the Body Pillow, My Sleep Journey

Unwrapping the Body Pillow, My Sleep Journey - Blog by Resthouse

I’ve always dreamt of my bed being a place of sanctuary and deep rest, yet I’ve struggled with falling and staying asleep for as long as I can remember. My bed became a place where I was constantly tossing and turning, time-checking, with my mind speculating about things that would never happen.

To try to overcome the challenges resulting from bad sleeps, I developed tendencies like going to bed too late, excessive daytime coffee drinking, and taking a ton of herbal remedies to help me drift off. At especially stressful times as a university student, I would go so far as to take caffeine pills to help me stay up to study. These habits became more frequent over the years and were negatively affecting my daily functioning.

As a side sleeper, I would use a total of 3 pillows to try to get comfortable: a head pillow, another pillow close to my upper body, and one between my knees. The 2 pillows that supported my body were hard to manage though, and oftentimes ended up on the floor or flung across the room.

When I began working at Resthouse I was surprised and pleased to see that a special pillow existed for us side sleepers called the Body Pillow. This long and narrow pillow gives comfort and support during the night for both the upper and lower body. Since using it, I’ve had a monumental sleep revolution and am still in awe of how re-energized I feel from sleeping with one. I am more comfortable than ever, fall asleep faster, and do not wake up in the middle of the night as frequently.

With the body pillow, I now experience proper support based on my body frame and weight. My entire body is in alignment: knees, hips, and arm are relaxed while consistently being held afloat by this natural wool body pillow.

I used to find it hard to fall asleep because my mind would race, but now I cuddle into my body pillow and drift off so much more easily. Perhaps it has something to do with the release of oxytocin, the cuddle neurohormone that lowers heart rate and increases relaxation.   

When I get up in the morning, I now feel restored and more capable of tackling my day because I receive the deep rest I deserve. Sleep is no longer a struggle. When I purchased this pillow, I considered it a gift to myself. Little did I know I was also giving myself the gift of a quality full night’s restorative rest. 

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