Kakun Organic Pillows

Explore our sustainable, all-natural, organic bed pillow range designed for those who value purity, luxury, and personalized sleep solutions. Each Kakun bed pillow offers unparalleled adjustability and customization, catering to all sleeping positions and personal preferences. 


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hand pressing on organic kakun pillow lying on blue and grey quilt on an organic mattress
Kakun Organic Latex Pillow Sale priceFrom $122.00 Regular price$139.00
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Kakun Organic Wool Pillow
Kakun Organic Wool Pillow Sale priceFrom $122.00 Regular price$139.00
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Resthouse Kakun Organic Luxury Pillow
Kakun Organic Luxury Pillow Sale priceFrom $246.00 Regular price$279.00

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Resthouse, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. In our commitment to reducing waste and promoting circularity, we've developed an innovative approach to repurpose excess latex from our Kakun premium GOLS-certified organic Dunlop latex mattresses. Through careful processing and craftsmanship, we transform this excess latex into luxurious shredded latex pillow fill, ensuring that every part of our production and use of materials serves a purpose. By upcycling mattress remnants to be used in our high-quality Kakun pillows, we minimize waste, maximize resource efficiency, and create eco-friendly sleep solutions that resonate with our values of sustainability and innovation.