woman hugging a bed pillow
Customizable Organic Pillows

Learn About Head Pillows


Meet the Pillow for Every Position

Every pillow comes overstuffed and you can adjust the thickness by simply adding or removing fill, making it just the right size for your unique body and sleep style.

The Kakūn Organic Shredded Latex Head Pillow

Hand-crafted from wholesome materials. Adaptable to your individual needs. Personalize your perfect night’s sleep.

For Every Sleeper

Soft and supportive, shredded rubber latex fill can be added, removed, and shaped to create personalized loft and contours for your preferred sleep position.

On your back

Mold a cradle for your head and a supportive roll for your neck to create your own personalized orthopedic pillow.

On your side

Fluff it up for extra height to keep your neck in perfectly aligned. You can even create a little divet to relieve pressure on your ear.

On your tummy

Shake the pillow and the fill will go to one side leaving you with a thin layer of support on the other.

Kakūn Organic Wool Pillow

Filled with lofty organic wool pearls that can be added or removed for a perfect fit, this pillow caters to sleepers who are in love with the soft, supple support of wool for any sleep position.