Organic body pillows. Made in Canada.

Body Pillows

Whether filled with luxurious Premium Eco Wool™ or All-Natural Organic Shredded Latex, our body pillows help keep your spine and shoulders aligned, improving blood circulation, regulating your temperature, and providing emotional comfort, so you wake feeling rested and restored. It's the part of your sleep system that you didn't know you were missing. 

All-Night Alignment for Every Sleeper

Which body pillow is right for me?

Our Kakun Premium Eco Wool Body Pillow is the right choice for sleepers who prefer soft support. The fluffy, light-weight wool batting makes this body pillow easy to cuddle up to, and move around with. This pillow comes in five sizes to suit every build.

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image of woman lying on her side with her top leg and arm supported by an organic wool body pillow
Kakun Organic Latex Body Pillow