Our New Chapter

Our New Chapter

It’s a new chapter for Resthouse! Since the Grand Opening of our Victoria mattress store, we wanted to take the time to share what this new space means for us and for our guests.


Whether you’ve been with us from our humble start, or are brand new, thank you for landing here today. Resthouse was born seven years ago, in the heart of the Cowichan Valley. Our store hosts a mindfully curated selection of products to build each individual their own complete sleep environment.

Our lineup consists of natural, certified organic and adaptable beds and bedding which offers a healthy and healing sleep environment. We’ve done the work for you by eliminating toxins and harmful chemicals that may previously have existed in your sacred place of rest. Resthouse has the solution for you to experience consistent body temperature regulation, clean breathing and comfort while you slumber. Offering support, knowledge, and mindful products sets our guests up for success so that each person can show up each day as the best version of themselves.

For Resthouse to continue to show up for guests old and new, the decision was made to relocate our retail store-front to Uptown in Victoria, which was recently named the best small city in British Columbia. We feel honored to be in this space and provide mattresses in Victoria and beyond. With our headquarters remaining in the Cowichan Valley, we are committed, proud and excited by our continued capacity to show up and support our broader community, while also offering excellent online and virtual support for our national audience.


Our new storefront is located at 3561 Blanshard St #113, Victoria, BC. This space is a serene and rejuvenating environment that highlights Resthouse’s mindfully curated product line-up beautifully. It is a place where our team of sleep educators can support sleepers by fulfilling their individual custom comfort needs through adaptable sleep environments. From the subdued paint on the walls, the light cloud-like fixtures floating above, the earthy textiles below your feet, and the furniture that holds everything together, the design of this space embodies all that Resthouse is.

Guided by honesty and integrity, our sleep educators provide world-class customer service. Whether someone is familiar with the ingredients and systems Resthouse offers, or this is completely new information, our team will meet each guest where they are. By providing demonstrations, asking the appropriate questions, and trying out the products for oneself, your experience will be relaxed and blissful as you are guided to deeper sleep.

Our new showroom has the space to highlight all of the different configurations of our mattresses and other supportive accessories, so guests don’t ever have to guess what will be right for them. With the support of our sleep educators and our new space, transformative sleep is well within your reach.


We would love to see you! Come in and experience our lineup of 100% natural sleep essentials, products that you (and your Zs) can count on night after night after night.


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