Help! I'm a Hot Sleeper

Help! I'm a Hot Sleeper Blog by Resthouse Sleep Solutions. Sleep solutions for regulating sleep temperature with Eco-wool comforters and wool mattress toppers.

In almost every conversation I have with couples, there's always one person of the two who regularly wakes up really hot or sweaty, getting pulled out of a deep sleep because they're too warm. They do the "blanket dance", incessantly kicking them off and then pulling them back on again. 

So often customers say "I'm just a really hot sleeper," and I am here to tell you that in most cases this just isn't true. It was a while ago, when reflecting on my own inability to handle any form of polyester or synthetic clothing, that I came to the realization that we have a population of people who don't have any idea that it's actually the bedding they are using that is causing so many of their sleep problems. We need to ask ourselves, "where is the breathability?" This is a case of "we just don't know what we don't know." Our mattresses and bedding are the culprits. Can you imagine what a positive impact it would have on your sleep if you or your partner could stop overheating?  

 A large majority of the customers we see sleep on some type of mattress with memory foam, soy or convoluted foams. These are synthetically produced. Add that the majority of mattress tickings are made with polyester and you realize that these materials don't allow your heat to dissipate. They push your heat right back at you. You're probably starting to get the point, but there is more. Next, we buy a mattress pad that is cotton, with polyester fill, followed by sheets that are cotton/poly or 800 thread count; more and more heat. The cherry on the top is a down comforter. Loved by many and understood by few. Down comforters completely insulate and don't allow your heat to dissipate. Comfy, but not the best for our moderate climate. Alaska or camping maybe, but definitely not for the sleeper susceptible to overheating.

Our bodies don't do well in our sleep cycles while we are hot and sweating. If you are being woken up because of unnatural heat sources, you are not getting the deep sleep you need. Add to this the natural circumstances that make people warm, a normal part of the aging process, and the chances of getting quality sleep are close to nil. 

Help! Im a Hot Sleeper Blog by Resthouse Sleep Solutions. Sleep solutions for regulating sleep temperature with Eco-wool comforters and wool mattress toppers.

Temperature regulation is one Resthouse's specialties. It's a must and is one of the most important parts of your sleep system. Get your temperature figured out and your sleep will improve. 

We focus on simple materials. The three main components in our products are wool, organic cotton and latex rubber, which all dramatically help to keep your sleep system temperate. 

My favourite purchase since we started Resthouse has been my Premium Eco Wool™ Comforter. I used to use down and would be hot and cold at night, and just thought that this was normal. I do not get hot anymore and I even bought an extra warm wool comforter. The other beautiful thing is Dawn had a different requirement, so we have a comforter that is extra warm on one side and medium on the other for her. Yes, you heard me right. Dual weight comforters. No one compromises!

A simple good starting point and a cost effective way to see improvement, is to change your mattress pad. The mattress pad is what you put over your mattress to protect it from sweat or spills. With all of the synthetics and memory foams being used, it can be like sleeping on a plastic bag. Putting a natural barrier between you and your mattress can make a huge difference.

A more immediate and dreamy option is a wool mattress topper. It's like changing your mattress, as it adds softness and a really substantial barrier from your mattress. As you feel the results and your temperature gets more regulated, you can start thinking about rebuilding your sleep system, one breathable piece at a time.

We don't have to be hot sleepers. Looking at sleep from a different angle, and frankly all angles, is essential to a productive life. Sleep is the ultimate healer and should be recognized as such. It is the ultimate in self care and needs to be given as much attention as the food and the exercise we choose to give our body.

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