Wool Bedding... Taking a Closer Look

Wool Bedding... Taking a Closer Look

As the cooler months usher in, the need for warm and breathable bedding begins to enter our minds. Wool is the natural choice with many time tested attributes which make for a warm and comfortable sleep.

Benefits Of Wool:

1. Breathability: Due to the density and texture of wool, there are equal parts open air space as there are fibres. This means while wool keeps you warm, it also allows your body to breathe and not overheat. 

2. Temperature Regulating: By its ability to breath and absorb our body's moisture (every person sweats off up to half a litre per night), wool naturally helps our bodies regulate its temperature.

3. Dust-mite Resistant: Due to wool's microscopic bristles, dust mites cannot reside in it. They simply can't move around in there! Dust mites are responsible for some allergies.

4. Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Microbial: Amazingly, wool resists bacteria and is both anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

5. Sustainable: Sheep grow a new coat every year, and removing the coat does not hurt the animal. Wool is a completely renewable resource, that supports many local small scale farmers.

6. Fire Resistant:
Wool is naturally fire resistant and therefore used in natural bedding products to meet fire regulation coding. That means there is no need for chemical fire retardant sprays!

7. Wool Stays in Place: Because wool batting is made as one continuous piece, it doesn't shift and migrate and is held in place further with hand tufting.

Organic Wool Bedding at Resthouse Sleep Solutions, Duncan, BC

Wool: the Super Fibre

Wool really is the super fibre. It can be found in everything from clothing, foot wear and diapers to carpets, blankets and bedding. It has been used for centuries by cultures that understood its many and varied attributes. For instance, wool has traditionally been worn by firefighters and soldiers. Anyone who is in danger of contact with fire can use wool as it is naturally fire resistant (it is slow to ignite and simply smoulders and extinguishes itself).

The many benefits of wool have to do with its unique structure. It is both dense and elastic with the capacity to hold air in its bulk as well as retain heat within it. Wool fibres also readily absorb moisture (1/3 its weight in water) which makes it an excellent choice for any garment or product that is used outdoors or where temperature can vary in extremes. Due to wool's natural insulating properties, it will help keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Wool's lanolin (the "wax" that is naturally present in animal wool) is also collected and used in cosmetics and creams and appreciated for its protective and hygienic properties.

Lastly, as wool is a natural fibre and not man-made, it is completely renewable and biodegradable. 

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