Temperature Alignment Support

Temperature - Alignment - Support: 3 Keys to a Good Night’s Sleep

At Resthouse, we focus on these 3 elements to help you find the sleep solutions you need for sound nights and vibrant days.

We work with every individual when they come in or shop online, to address all aspects of their sleep dynamics. By first determining what problems are present, we start by looking at temperature concerns, alignment issues and what specific support is needed for each individual. Let’s take a closer look at what we mean.


Overheating is a huge challenge and it can wreak havoc on your sleep quality. Quit blaming yourself for your hot sleeps. Choose bedding made from breathable natural materials, such as cotton and wool, which help regulate your body’s temperature while you sleep, keeping you comfortable while you rest and rejuvenate. 


We carry a wide selection of pillows and body pillows that are specifically designed to stop your body from twisting and collapsing, and stay aligned while in your optimal sleeping position. Relieve your body of discomfort from strain and pressure points by investing in extra pillow support. Click here to explore our pillow and body pillow collection.


Configure your sleep system with personalized mattress support specifically for your head, shoulders, hips and back. Our unique brands also accommodate different firmnesses on each side of the mattress. You can also choose the mattress density and loft that best suits your body’s needs, with no compromise. 

By organizing your sleep concerns into these three categories, and providing sleep solutions for each, we can dramatically improve your sleep quality. There is no sizzle here, just a dedicated approach that solves each sleep issue, one at a time. We like to call it the Resthouse sleep “prescription”.

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