Kakūn Wool Comforter Size Guide

Size  Twin  Queen/Full King
Measurements 68"x 68" 92" x 88" 108" x 92"
Light Weight 2.6lbs 3.2lbs 3.75lbs
Medium Weight 3.6lbs 4.5lbs 5.2lbs
Heavy Weight 5.6lbs 7lbs 8.1lbs 

Light Weight

Offering lightweight, airy insulation for those humid, warmer months. This is the ideal match for those hot sleepers. 

Medium Weight

Our most popular option. This weight provides all-season comfort. It is suited for most climates and is a great middle-ground for sleepers to stay warm and cozy (but not hot!).

Heavy Weight

This weight is designed specifically to be more insulating and heavier than the others. It is excellent for people living in cold climates or those with a cooler body type. Perpetually chilly people rejoice; this was made for you. 

Split Weight 

One comforter, no compromise. Best suited for partners, our split weights allow each sleeper to choose their ideal weight for their side in the same comforter. You can use the guides above to choose your side.