Kakun Mattress Comparison

Kakun Six

The Kakun Six is our low-profile mattress that offers a supportive and durable base, paired with a customizable top layer for medium or firm comfort. This budget-conscious mattress model is well suited for back and stomach sleepers, and those who prefer a firmer support and feel. 

Kakun Nine

With a firm durable base and two customizable latex layers of comfort and support, the Kakun Nine offers the best value when it comes to an all-natural, customized sleep solution. The Kakun Nine is an excellent choice for those looking for stable support and gentle body contouring, and is ideal for maintaining spinal alignment and reducing pressure points.


Kakun Ten

Our best-selling Kakun mattress, the Ten, offers personalization and dual-customization at every layer. This versatile mattress model is designed to cater to a wide range of sleeping preferences, as it boasts the ultimate in custom layer configuration, providing you with a truly individualized sleeping experience.


Kakun Twelve

The Kakun Twelve is our most luxurious mattress that features an added two-inch layer of softness for extra plush, cloud-like comfort. This mattress model is ideal for those who prefer a pillow-top feel, and those who require extra soft full-body cradling for deep pressure point relief.