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What is a fitting? 

Everything that we carry at the store is available to try. Taking time to properly “fit” each person who comes in the door is a priority for us, by assisting you in making an informed decision when choosing your mattress and bedding, to meet your individual needs. We don’t stop until we get it right. Also, we are here to support you post purchase, in case any further customization is needed down the road. We have found that taking time to listen and work with our customers is simply our best guarantee to help you create your ideal sleep system; one that will work for you for the long run.

No two people are shaped the same or have the same ailments. To be able to pick a mattress based on your specific needs and preferences is essential for your most restful and supportive night's sleep. That is why we have mattresses that can be tailor fit to each person.  Each side can be designed for you and your partner's individual firmness needs. No one has to compromise.

Natural Mattresses - Fully customizable mattress options including extra firm, soft and supportive or anywhere in between - available at Resthouse Sleep Solutions - Vancouver Island

This also applies to picking a head or body pillow. One pillow does not work for everyone. This is why most of our pillows are customizable and come with extra inner material. This gives you the ability to remove fibres to find the ideal loft for your head alignment. We take the time to fit you to your head pillow so that it is ready for your first sleep that night (you can further adapt the pillow as needed once it is at home with you). To be fit to a body pillow, you will get to try one of our several different sized pillows. Each variant represents a different loft and length, so everyone from the most petite to the tallest athlete, can get exactly what they need.

Mattress and Pillow Fittings available at Resthouse Sleep Solutions, downtown Duncan, BC, Canada 

We also do fitting for comforters. We find there is usually one person who is a warmer sleeper than the other, which is why we sourced dual weight comforters from Holy Lamb Organics in Washington state. You can now have warmer on one side and cooler on the other, all within the same comforter. We have samples of each weight, so you can get a direct experience of how each option feels in regards to your preferred warmth. Making the right choice becomes quite easy with this method, with no need to guess.

Not able to visit the store? No problem. We book remote fittings too. With the use of phone or video conferencing, you can get what you need from the convenience of your own home. By incorporating a combination of demonstrations and detailed questioning with dialogue, we have an excellent record of fitting folks from afar. We back it up with a six month latex layer exchange program*, so the perfect fit is attainable for everyone.

*Customizable mattress products only