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Discover the element that has been missing from your sleep system: a supportive, comfortable, breathable body pillow.

A body pillow’s natural materials and innovative design will keep your spine in alignment and provide a comforting embrace all night long, which improves circulation, regulates your temperature, offers emotional comfort, and helps you get the quality sleep you need.

Whether you endure sleep difficulties like anxiety, chronic pain, or restless leg syndrome, or if you could benefit from accelerated recovery from injury or athletic exertion, a Kakun body pillow is the embrace you need to emerge each morning ready to take on the world.

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The Definitive Guide to Body Pillows

Learn more about how a body pillow works, what it can do for you, how to choose one, and how it’s going to change your life.

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What is Your Sleep Position?

Many Kakun sleepers instantly fall in love with their pillow and never look back. But changing the way you sleep can sometimes take a bit of practice and patience, especially if you’ve been sleeping the same way for a very long time. When you first start sleeping with a Kakun body pillow, it may take a few tries to find exactly the right position that carries you off to dreamland.

Start by placing your new body pillow just below your chin and hold it close to your chest. Then try one of the following positions, and don’t hesitate to get creative.

The Arrow
The Classic Kakun
The Full Kakun
The Lounger
The Little Spoon
The Hugger

The Arrow

One of the two most popular positions, The Arrow is ideal for those needing help to stop collapsing forward, which can cause strain and pain on the hips and shoulders. This position is also great if you are a stomach sleeper who likes the secure feeling of counterpressure from your mattress.

The Classic Kakun

Similar to The Arrow, The Classic Kakun keeps you from rolling forward while also keeping your shoulders, elbows, knees and feet aligned but not knocking together, which is also great for your pelvis and spine. The Classic Kakun keeps your entire body supported from your shoulders to your toes.

The Full Kakun

The favourite position for those recovering from injury or with chronic body issues, The Full Kakun provides dynamic support on both sides, keeping you from rolling onto either your back or stomach. This position also ensures a pillow is always available when you roll over, so you can try your favourite position in either direction.

The Lounger

For back sleepers, placing your body pillow under your knees helps take pressure off your lower back by keeping your spine neutral. The Kakun body pillow is sized perfectly for The Lounger: it’s narrow enough to fit under your knees and long enough to stay put better than a standard head pillow.

The Little Spoon

Lean back on your Kakun, making sure it is tucked under the length of your back, and you’ll experience the surprising comfort of The Little Spoon. This position allows all of the muscles along your spine to relax while opening up your chest and sternum. For a great relaxation exercise, try it in the morning before getting out of bed. It’s also great for expectant mothers.

The Hugger

For extra shoulder support, twist your body pillow so that the top half is parallel to your chest. This position allows your arms and shoulders to rest higher, which is great for people with broad shoulders, upper body injuries, or chronic arm and shoulder issues. The Hugger is also great for relieving pinching between your shoulder blades and kinks in your neck.

How to Roll Over with Your Body Pillow

Have a look at the video below as Olga demonstrates how to easily change sides with the body pillow at night.

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Before... I'd wake up in the morning and feel every part of my body was uncomfortable. I bought an Eco Wool body pillow and now I'm sleeping all the way through the night, and waking up well-rested and totally energized.

Mark Palmer

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*HIGHLY RECOMMEND* Excellent online shopping customer service. This place saved my back and hips! I was looking for a supportive wool body pillow that wasn't drenched in chemicals so I sent them an email late at night because I couldn't sleep. They responded so quickly and not only thoroughly answered my questions but also gave me helpful relevant information specific to what would best suit my needs and body size.I was able to confidently place an order that morning and within a few short days the body pillow arrived and was safely in my arms. It is the best body pillow I've ever owned (and I've owned many). Thank you!!! ♡♡♡

Leah L.