Your Perfect Plant-Based Bedroom

Your Perfect Plant-Based Bedroom - Natural Bedding Blog by Resthouse

It’s no secret that we love wool at Resthouse. Wool offers a full complement of amazing qualities that make it perfect for inclusion in bedding. But we also recognize that not everyone wants to include animal products as part of their sleep system. More than 3 million Canadians consider themselves vegan or vegetarian, and with the increasing availability of plant-based products of all kinds, from food to clothing to cosmetics, that number is only going to rise.

Fortunately, as part of our commitment to curating natural bedroom elements, we’ve long maintained a full line of plant-based bedding to ensure that families eschewing animal products still have access to all the wonderful benefits of a healthful sleep environment. We also understand that many who choose plant-based lifestyles do so for environmental reasons, so we always endeavour to find bedding and bedroom furniture that are made with sustainability as a priority.

We’ve assembled this collection to showcase the value and benefits of these types of products, though we invite you to browse our online shop or visit our showroom to experience our full range of beautiful, comfortable, ethically-produced items.

The Resthouse Plant-Based Collection

Interested in overhauling your existing bedroom? Perhaps you’ve just moved to a new space and all you have is a mattress in an empty room. Either way, the Resthouse Plant-Based Collection has you covered from bottom to top. Speaking of bottom, let’s start there.


Though most bed frames and platforms aren’t typically made using animal products, some do include wool or feather down, and many standard versions use plastics, paints, and petroleum-based lacquers that harm the ecosystem during their manufacture and may contribute unwanted chemicals to your sleep environment. Instead, we recommend a platform or bed frame from Alternative Woodworks. Made just down the road from our showroom on Vancouver Island, these beautiful and unique supports for your mattress are hand crafted from solid and certified sustainable maple and spruce and sealed with a simple eco-friendly lacquer that displays the splendour of the natural wood grain.

Bonus item: Alternative Woodworks also lovingly crafts bedside tables that coordinate with your natural bed frame using the same materials and methods. Much better than that milk crate full of Grateful Dead LPs you’ve been using.


Sure, your mattress might be fine. But fine isn’t going to get you the deep sleep that helps you wake feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Upgrade your sleep surface (for a fraction of the cost compared to a new mattress) with a mattress topper. These supple, supportive, and super comfortable toppers feature a thick layer of organic latex encased in organic cotton, two highly sustainable materials that promote body alignment, pressure point relief, breathability, and temperature regulation. An incredible, plant-based alternative to those feather down toppers that lead to so much sneezing and congestion for many people.


If you’re outfitting a bedroom for your little one, or you just like the protection offered by a defensive layer between you and your mattress, you can’t go wrong with a cotton mattress protector. Made from organic cotton, without a synthetic plastic layer, this protector safeguards your mattress or mattress topper against body moisture while allowing for appropriate air circulation, keeping your temperature regulated so you sleep more comfortably in all seasons.


The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think of bedding is sheets. This sateen sheet set is not only made from breathable organic cotton; they’re not just free of dyes and chemicals; and they’re not just super luxurious against your skin; amazingly, they’re also very affordable. If you treat yourself to one plant-based, sustainable bedroom upgrade, start here.


Think of the pillow on your bed right now. What is it filled with? Chances are, you don’t know. It could be feathers (not vegan), wool (also not vegan), or maybe some kind of synthetic fluff of unknown origin (maybe vegan but definitely not great for the planet). Why not try a shredded latex pillow instead? Stuffed with organic, shredded rubber latex and encased in organic cotton, these pillows are completely customizable—just add or remove latex as needed to get the level of support you desire. 

This pillow also includes a durable organic cotton canvas protector, and since you can always add more latex as your pillow ages or your needs change, it lasts much longer than a regular pillow, which is even better for the environment.

Bonus item: Pair your shredded latex pillow with the similarly crafted but much bigger shredded latex body pillow. Great for side sleepers and people who need extra support, both for their bodies and emotions.


The impetus for writing this blog post was a question posed to our expert showroom advisors: does Resthouse stock a comforter that isn’t filled with wool or feathers? The resounding answer is yes. This hand-stitched organic cotton quilt is as warm and soothing as standard comforters, without the animal products. It’s even fair trade certified, so you can feel good about your purchase as you gaze upon your freshly enhanced, aesthetically incredible, plant-based bedroom.

Bonus item: If your bedroom is especially draughty or your toes tend to resemble ice cubes, add this organic cotton blanket to your sleep suite for a little extra warmth. Super soft and available in three attractive colourways, it’s a great alternative to wool or fleece.

So whether you’ve adopted a plant-based lifestyle for animal rights reasons, a community-minded commitment to sustainability, or if you’re taking that first small step toward reducing your impact on the planet, Resthouse has that perfect, plant-based item you’ve been searching for.

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