What is the Size of a Standard Pillow?

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Everyone knows that the perfect sleep comes from finding the perfect pillow. 

But we also know that you probably don't change them as often as you should, or know the details of what it takes to find the pillow of your dreams.

So, when was the last time you thought about them?

If it's been a while, or even not at all, then strap in people, because we are about to give you the low-down on the ultimate sleeping materials.

Finding the right pillow is just as important as finding the right mattress, so if you're serious about getting a good night's sleep, then it's time for some pillow talk. 

Pillow Sizes Chart Comparison

Resthouse Pillow Size Guide -HD

We all know that there are different sized pillows to go on different beds. Knowing which size to purchase for your bed is imperative to achieve a healthy night's sleep. 

Below are the most common sizes, alongside the bed they fit the best with. 

Pillow Size cm in
Standard 51 x 66 cm 20" x 26"
Queen 51 x 76 cm 20" x 30"
King 51 x 92 cm 20" x 36"
Euro Square 66 x 66 cm 26" x 26"
Body 51 x 137 20" x 54"

Standard Pillow Size DimensionsStandard Size Pillow

The average size to fit a double bed, these 20 x 26-inch pillows are perfect for those who sleep restfully and don't tend to move around much.

If you are one who tosses and turns during the night, though, you may notice that you slide off the pillow, causing those inconvenient neck aches that seem to last weeks. If this relates to you, then you might want to consider experimenting with different pillow sizes.

Note that one standard size pillow will fit comfortably across a twin bed, and two can be placed across a double or queen size bed. You'll need three standard pillows to cover a king or California king bed, though.

Some companies also provide a subcategory called the super standard, which adds 2 extra inches to the length. Because the extra length doesn't cause any major differences, both sizes can fit inside of a standard pillowcase.

Queen Pillow Size DimensionsQueen Size Pillow

Queen pillows (20 x 30-inches) are great for those who need a bit of extra room when sleeping, or are the restless sleeping kind. 

A queen size pillow normally fits fine inside a standard case and can be placed across a twin, with two of them fitting perfectly across a queen-size bed. 

You can also place two queen pillows tightly across a double bed, but they also fit across the bed with extra space in between on a king or California king bed.

King Pillow Size DimensionsKing Size Pillow

The king-size pillow at 20 x 36-inches is convenient for those active sleepers. If you toss and turn — we're looking at you!

The standard king-size cushion is great for extra back support when you are sitting up in bed, too. The extra length enhances the lumbar support, so you can sit up in bed comfortably.

You can fit one king pillow across a twin or double bed easily, two snugly on a queen bed, and two comfortably on a king or California king. You'll need king-sized pillowcases for these.

Body Pillow Size DimensionsBody Size Pillow Dimensions

If you sleep on your side, then the body size pillows are perfect for you. They're a whopping 20 x 54 inches, and curve to fit the shape of your body to provide great support when you're sleeping on your side.

Note that they are also great if you're pregnant, as the pillows can stay supported under your body so you don't roll onto your stomach or back. Many women cite that side sleeping is the best position to sleep in during pregnancy. It also provides extra comfort when the bump starts to get bigger.

Our body pillows come with a casing included with your purchase, and we also stock extras for you to choose from to match your decor. Shop our range today!

Specialty Pillow Dimensions

If the standard pillow sizes above aren't what you're looking for, don't worry — there are lots of other options too.

The sizes and shapes below are made to accommodate various sleeping needs. From orthopedic to wedge pillows that can help with different sleep disorders, to travel types that can get you through the night when you're on the go, there's practically a pillow for every need.

So, let's look at the most common specialty types and their dimensions. 


These cushions are designed to keep the spine aligned with the head and neck to alleviate pressure and help the back muscles relax. Your doctor can help you determine the right shape and size you need if you are suffering from discomfort while sleeping, however, the usual dimensions for an orthopedic cushion are normally around 60 x 40 x 12 cm.

These pillows are particularly good for people who sleep on their backs or sides.


Trying to stay comfortable on a long journey can be difficult, especially if you have nothing to rest your head on. 

Travel pillows that measure 12 x 16 inches are easy to fit inside a carry-on bag and are really handy to have on you when you've got a plane or car journey ahead. That bit of added extra comfort can be the difference between getting some rest during the ride or not. 

They usually have a semi-circular or ‘U’ shape that fits around the back of the neck, so you can rest your head comfortably in any situation. Pick one up before your next trip to ensure you can catch some shut-eye on your journey!

Wedge Pillow

The wedge pillow has a triangular shape that is tapered on a slight incline. They can be used to keep the head at a 30 to 45-degree angle, and are usually used by people who have sleep apnea or want to reduce their snoring. 

The wedge shape can also improve sinus congestion and acid reflux, too, with their most common dimensions being 20 to 24 inches in both length and width. They can have varying heights that determine the angle of incline, though — it's worth experimenting or asking a professional which angle may work best for you.

Why Pillow Size Matters

OK, we know it's probably something you've never thought about until now: but the type, size, and comfort of your pillow actually matters. 

Most people do prefer to sleep on their pillow at night, but if you're sleeping on the wrong size or shape, your sleep could be dramatically impacted.

The right pillow can act as the perfect support system to your head, allowing your neck and shoulders to be cradled perfectly as you sleep, too. This support is vital for healthy spinal alignment, and preventing upper back pains or neck aches.

Make sure your pillows are comfortable, the right size, and the right type for your specific sleeping style. 


Are firm pillows better than softer pillows?

Firm pillows aren't necessarily better than softer pillows - it depends on your sleeping style. 

Our customizable pillows mean you get access to the inner filling and can add or remove filling over time, when the pillow wears down. This means you can achieve your perfect amount of fill without buying entirely new pillows. 

Shop our customizable cushions today! You’ll save money on having to replace your cushions every year (our customizable options last 2-5 years) and will be able to re-stuff your pillows when they reduce in comfort with age, maintaining your perfect night’s sleep. 

How much bigger should a pillowcase be than the pillow?

A pillowcase should be around ½ to 1 inch longer than the pillow, and 2 ½ to 4 inches wider than the width for a snug fit.

How often should you change your pillow?

You should change your pillow around once every 1-2 years, as a rule of thumb.

Will a queen pillow fit in a standard pillowcase?

Depending on the brand, some queen-sizes can fit inside a standard case - but you should check the measurements of both products first. 

What is the best size pillow to sleep on?

The best sized pillow to sleep on is completely your call. You should opt for a cushion that suits what type of sleeper you are. Refer back to this article to find out!

Get Your Best Sleep Ever — Customize Your Pillows

Customize your pillow sizing with a shredded latex pillow from our store today. These offer more support and firmness and are great for sleepers with neck pain. Contact us today to learn more!

Sweet dreams, everyone!

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