Uplifting Your Life With Indoor Plants

Uplifting Your Life With Indoor Plants - Blog by Resthouse

I’ve been observing a recent surge in people buying houseplants, and I think it is due to the increased amount of time we are spending at home. This is a great instinct. Studies show that caring for houseplants raises our spirits and helps us relax. We are effectively bringing nature inside, when we may not be able to get outside as much as we’d like. Spending time in nature has been known to calm the sympathetic nervous system which in turn helps us feel happier and more content. Living with house plants brings a little bit of that goodness right to us, where we can easily access it.

Looking after another living thing brings out the best in us. We all can relate to those warmhearted feelings that arise when we see a baby animal. Bringing home a new plant also strikes a certain tenderness, and looking after it and fostering its growth, can give us a deeper sense of purpose and even pride.

Plants may not be as cuddly and interactive as animal pets, yet they do offer us something else that is equally important. Plants release new oxygen into the air through the process of photosynthesis and can supplement our oxygen levels, especially in the winter months when we may have less fresh air coming into the home. Make sure to put your plants in a bright, light-filled spot for co2 conversion to reach its maximum potential.

Did you know that some plants also have the capability to filter the air, minimizing some toxins that can be harmful to us over the long run? Some examples of these chemicals in our homes are formaldehyde and benzene, that can be found in everything from cleaners, cosmetics, furnishings and carpets. Tropicals such as the spider plant and the many varieties of the dracaena will sift out some of these potentially harmful ingredients, and replace them with healthy, usable oxygen. Snake plants and aloe vera are extra unique in that they release oxygen at night, so they are beneficial to have in our bedrooms to help keep a healthy balance between co2 and oxygen.

Let’s not forget that plants will lift our mood by bringing natural design elements into our living space, while making any display in our home literally come alive and pop. Everything from a small plant on our kitchen window sill, to a tree sized living room tropical, will help us enjoy the rustic design aesthetic that draws upon nature, to help make our homes feel soothing and extra special. Regardless of which reason you may choose to bring greenery into your home, picking a house plant and caring for it will add a wonderful dimension of enjoyment to your abode. 

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