The Body Pillow for Better Alignment and Sleep

The Body Pillow for Better Alignment and Sleep

It’s been five years since Resthouse opened its doors and I find myself in amazement with how much sleep is a struggle for almost everyone.

We are all vulnerable creatures and need support wherever we can get it. Watching the mattress industry get busier and busier, I find myself struggling with how to get the message across with my discovery. You may not need to buy a new mattress to fix your sleep problems. In fact, often this new purchase will make your sleep worse (more on that later). 

I believe the golden nugget of sleep recovery, which becomes so very obvious once you visualize it, is the body pillow. 

Imagine sleeping on your side. Just resting there. You put a pillow in between your legs because this is what your practitioner told you to do. This feels good and tends to show some improvement. But what happens once you actually start to fall asleep? Deep sleep and gravity take over and your body begins to collapse. Now, remember there is a pillow in between your legs so what’s your shoulder going to do? Fall forward. Now you have completely twisted your spine and will need to prematurely adjust your sleep position to get comfortable again. The mattress had very little to do with this (as long as you have good support and some softness for your hips, your mattress should be fine). 

If you stop focusing on the mattress, it becomes clear that sleep alignment is the key. Instead, think of using head and body pillows to prevent your body from collapsing (which causes pressure points and twisting) and will hold your body comfortably in place as you sleep. 

I’ve sold these body pillows for almost 20 years and I believe they will transform your sleep. Imagine a product that’s not $2000, that could fundamentally support your sleep habits and give relief on both a physical and emotional level. 

The mattress industry is a multi-billion dollar business and it’s only part of a sleep system. Without the knowledge of alignment, sleep just can’t improve to the level that is possible. 

Deep and restorative sleep without unnecessary pain and discomfort are right up our alley. Stop your top leg from sliding over the bottom leg and you stop the momentum of the shoulder collapsing and the source of almost all side sleepers' agony.

If we just shift the awareness from mass production of mattresses and open our eyes to proper sleep alignment and hygiene, we will start to see a whole new narrative and consciousness towards sleep and what actually works for the common sleeper.

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