The Body Pillow: A New Home Remedy

The Body Pillow: A New Home Remedy for Stress Relief and Restful Sleep

I don’t know about you, but I have had mornings that were more rough than others.

Have you got 3 alarm times set, just to make sure you get out of bed; giving yourself a little time to stretch, to remember what to put together for the kids’ lunches as well as your own, to think about the evening’s meal, and to recall the plan for getting everyone to and from activities?

It has been a good four months since I started hanging on tight to my organic body pillow, and my stressful daybreak thoughts have mostly become a thing of the past. They now seem to gently align, turning into something more like rhythmic poetry created after a good night’s sleep.

Now, see yourself up and at it, feeling like all is rolling smoothly. You’ve had your shower, the children are fed and dressed, or so you think, until one of them is still in bed and hiding under the blankets, mildly weeping. “What’s going on?” you ask, silently wondering how she’s going to make it to school on time.

She replies, “Yesterday morning I woke up with a kink in my neck and a sore jaw. I had to do my hair three times, because I am learning to manage my new hairstyle, which I’m not so sure about anymore. I couldn’t find my sweater and I should have brought my extra jacket with me. I didn’t understand things in math yesterday either. I snuck some screen time in last night and stayed up reading my book way too late. Now my eyes are swollen, my face is blotchy and I’m so overtired. I don’t want to go to school; I can’t do it."

Suddenly, something flashes in front of your eyes. It is the vision of yourself, today and thirty-one years ago. You suddenly come to the realization that, she too could use the one thing on which she can drop all of the weight of her day, and literally transform her energy into health and healing with a good night’s rest. Now all she has to do is to figure out her body pillow size and favourite fill.

Honestly, who would have ever thought that the body pillow would become one of our favourite natural home remedies for stress relief?

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