Uncompromised Beauty: 30 Years of Coyuchi Design: Part 3

Uncompromised Beauty: 30 Years of Coyuchi Design: Part 3

Part two of our series commemorating Coyuchi on their 30th birthday focused on the incredible strides this amazing company has made toward building a more sustainable, more just world for future generations. But a commitment to organic, natural, healthful materials and practices may lead one to believe that Coyuchi produces bland, crunchy-granola bedding suitable for the jute hammock and homemade flip-flops crowd. Not so much.

There is a synergy between organic fibres and beautiful design, and Coyuchi has taken full advantage to bring you aesthetically wondrous and innovatively conceived bedroom essentials and accessories. It just so happens that undyed textiles that have never been treated with harsh chemicals are the perfect foundation for styles that range from charmingly rustic and cozy to luxurious and elegant—all you have to do is choose what works for your space.

In this third and final installment in our blog series on our partners in California, we’re taking a closer look at just a few items that truly showcase the spirit and passion for design that is ever-present at Coyuchi.


Rippled Stripe Organic Cotton Duvet Cover

Starting with GOTS and MadeSafe certified cotton, Coyuchi weaves stripes into this extremely versatile duvet that is equally at home in intimate and austere settings alike—just choose from two colourways to fit your décor. The weaving technique creates both colour and texture variations that feel as wonderful as they look. Coyuchi designed and launched this product in 2012, and nearly a decade later it looks as fresh as the day it was introduced.


Air Weight Organic Cotton Towels

The Coyuchi team has no interest in being pigeonholed or resting on their laurels, instead striving to expand beyond the bedroom with these luxurious yet lightweight bath towels, first introduced in 2015, and a perennial bestseller since then. Fair trade organic cotton loops absorb moisture without bringing harmful chemicals to the bathroom (or spa) and they come in a range of colours inspired by our biosphere: coral, sand, ocean, and of course the natural colour of undyed cotton.


Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets

Coyuchi has put a lot of thought into their own designs, but also into the designs of other manufacturers. And there is one area where they saw the need to not only innovate, but to change people’s minds: thread count. Conventional wisdom suggests that the higher the thread count, the better the sheets. Coyuchi has gone a long way to undo this misconception, pointing instead to fibre type, grade, and weave as the primary determinants of fabric quality, not thread count. Nowhere is this more evident than Coyuchi’s sateen sheets, which are 300 thread count organic cotton. They’re breathable yet warming, smooth and luxurious, equally suited to a honeymoon suite or for everyday enjoyment. Higher thread counts or synthetic fibres tend to bottle in your body heat, so you wake up sweaty and overheated. Not so with these (and all) Coyuchi offerings, which regulate your temperature in just the right way so get the best rest possible.

And More

Of course Coyuchi has many more high-quality sleep and bath products available, and we try our best to stock as many of them as possible in store and on the Resthouse online shop. The Resthouse team keeps a close eye on Coyuchi in order to stay in step with the demands of discerning shoppers across the country. Co-owner Chris Manley says, “We look to Coyuchi for themes as they change throughout the seasons. They’re big on following worldwide trends and bringing the newest colours to life.” 

Their design sensibility, combined with sustainable materials and practises, makes Coyuchi items a constant draw for those seeking unique, ethical, and beautiful items for their homes. Many customers return year after year seeking new colours, new designs, and innovative new ideas to combine with their existing Coyuchi textiles, for a sleep and bath experience that is sure to last another 30 years.

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