Healthy Sleep For Little Minds

Healthy Sleep For Little Minds

Little minds need proper nutrition, care, playtime and healthy sleep to grow and flourish. Sleep is critical, as it directly impacts your child’s physical and mental health, it allows the brain to retain the information learned during the day, and has been shown to boost learning and lead to better behaviour. Establishing healthy sleep habits by making sleep a pleasant part of their daily routine, will provide them with a foundation to set them up for success now and in the future.

Healthy Sleep Habits

Wind down the day with calming activities before bed.
Keep a consistent bedtime and bedtime routines (bath, brushing teeth).
Limit screen time before bed as it can disrupt the sleep-wake cycle.
Read to or have your child read in bed.
Reduce the amount of fluids your child consumes before bedtime and encourage them to use the bathroom just before getting into bed. 

Why Organic?

Our infant and children’s mattresses are made with 100% certified organic materials that are tailored to support smaller people. You can rest easy knowing that your child is sleeping on safe, natural materials that are safe for them and the planet.

Kids Organic Pillow

Oeuf Children’s Furniture

We recently launched the Oeuf line of furniture that’s designed specifically for kids. Oeuf furniture is made from responsibly sourced materials and non-toxic finishes to create child friendly modular furniture that can take them from infancy to young adulthood.

Oeuf Perch Bunk

Happy Lamb Fleece Topper For Babies by Holy Lamb Organics

Mattress Protection

By using an organic protector on your child’s mattress, you will protect your investment while ensuring that your child’s sleeping environment is safe, clean and green.

The Kakun Wool Moisture Barrier is naturally water repellent and is perfect for accidents, spills and warm summer nights. Can be washed in a cold water soak and spin (skip the wash/agitation) and line or air dried.


The Kakun Cotton Mattress Protector offers a lighter moisture protection, and is made of breathable organic cotton. Can be washed in cold or warm water (by itself to prevent pilling) and machine dried on low.

Organic Cotton Crib Protector

When children sleep better, they’ll be better prepared to learn, laugh and thrive during their waking hours.

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