The Body Pillow: The New Paradigm of a Good Night's Sleep

The Body Pillow: The New Paradigm of a Good Night's Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping? Perhaps you’ve purchased a new mattresses to solve the problem? Have you ever stopped to think why getting a new mattress often doesn’t offer us the right support and comfort we need. Why is this not working?

In the past I was told that putting a pillow in between my knees would relieve the back pain I was having. I did this and being "the sleep guy", I analyzed myself for a long time to see if this worked for me. Well it turns out that it didn't. When I had that pillow in between my knees, I found that it activated my stomach muscles and left me still feeling like my shoulders where unstable. I still woke up sore, I tossed and turned throughout the night, and was not supported properly.

Then I was introduced to using a Body Pillow, a long 4ft cylindrical pillow often used by pregnant women. I experimented with this pillow and found instant relief. What I did differently was put my top leg onto the pillow, allowing my hips and pelvis to rest on this longer pillow, and I also left the bottom part of my top leg on the pillow. This felt magical. I was taking all this weight that was usually bearing down on my hips and shoulders and was deflecting it onto the body pillow. The bonus was that my shoulder pain also went away now that I was also resting my arm on something. This stopped my shoulders from collapsing. I had found the golden ticket, the one thing that no one was talking about. At last I had found a better option for back pain than a buying new mattress.


20,000,000 mattresses are thrown into landfills each year in North America. This is tragic. Much of this waste is avoidable by reframing the way we look at support and asking different questions like "Why am I not sleeping well?” It has worked for my back issues and I have shown many to do the same through the use of this simple tool: the body pillow.

One more thing, there is science behind hugging that shows it increases levels of the "love hormone" oxytocin. This in turn, may have beneficial effects on your heart health and mood. Hugging pillows has done this for me. My mind used to have trouble stopping at night, as I was uncomfortable. Now I go to bed hugging my body pillow and am asleep in minutes. I am calm, comfortable, supported and happy.

Body pillows can help those who:

  • Sleep on their side or stomach
  • Experience lower back pain and/or neck pain
  • Toss and turn due to positional discomfort
  • Are looking to have the most comfortable sleep experience

The use of a body pillow can help:

  • Reduce the amount of tossing and turning throughout the night
  • Allow for a longer more restorative sleep
  • Provide your body with a supportive alignment
  • Allow better circulation throughout the night
  • Significantly reduce back and neck pain that may come from poor alignment
  • Bring a sense of comfort and relaxation to the sleep experience

At Resthouse, our body pillows are filled with natural fibres like organic wool and natural rubber latex chips. Pillow coverings are made with breathable organic cotton. Our shredded latex body pillows are also customizable. They come over stuffed so you can remove any amount of filler you need to attain the best loft for your body's needs. Save the extra filling and continue to add and subtract to keep the pillow at just the right size for you.

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