What is Customization?

One of our favourite phrases, coined by the team from Obasan, is, "A mattress made for two shouldn’t be designed for one.” While the idea of customization in sleep products may seem novel, Obasan has been at it for over 30 years. And we’ve taken this idea to heart.

At Resthouse, we believe in tailoring your sleep system to your needs. Not just mattresses, but pillows, body pillows, and comforters too. That’s why we offer a selection of customizable products that you can adjust easily, at home, according to your specific needs, and experience the difference that night as you fall asleep. In most cases, you can achieve the absolutely perfect level of support, weight, and comfort simply by adding or removing filling from your sleep product.

Take the guesswork out of picking your ideal sleep system.

Customizable Pillows

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Kakun Organic Wool Pillow - Made in Canada
Kakun Organic Wool Pillow
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Holy Lamb Organics

Dual Weight Premium Eco Wool™ Comforter

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