The Resthouse Difference

We carry only quality products that are built to last.

This means we choose only products that are made with durable and ethically gathered natural ingredients. This is one of the most important aspects of our business model, helping break the cycle of disposing of and replacing mattresses so frequently.

Our sleep solutions do no harm.

We carefully curate products that are free from harmful chemicals that can hurt you, the environment and those who manufacture them. This includes not compromising on fair wage or healthy working conditions for those creating your mattress. Everyone succeeds and that feels pretty darn good. Learn about our certifications.

Sleep education and advocacy are our passion.

We value nourishing sleep, and campaign for preserving and promoting a great night’s slumber. We see a culture where it is being valued less and less, and is in danger of being lost from its place of importance. We are here to keep the message of the value of sleep going out into the world. Read our blog.

We believe in exceptional customer service.

Listening deeply is one of the greatest gifts we can give one another, and taking the time to explore which solutions will work best for each customer is what brings us our greatest reward. Learn about fittings.

We believe that the body recognises the difference between natural and synthetic bedding materials.

There is a resonance of feel and function that work together, rather than against our body while it sleeps. 9 Reasons to Shop Natural.

All our bedding is breathable.

Without breathable natural fibres and materials, the body will have to work much harder to keep its body temperature at optimal levels throughout the night. We are working on getting the word out about this. It is a very misunderstood aspect of sleep.

We help everyone invest in a natural sleep system.

We work with you to make this possible, by carrying many of the most established natural brands, available in every price bracket, as well as offering competitive financing options.

We know the mattress isn’t everything.

We have many sleep solutions, beyond purchasing a mattress, that can start your journey towards a better night’s sleep. Reach out here.

We offer customizable solutions.

Couples no longer need to compromise. You both can tailor fit each of your individual sides of your mattress to exactly how you need it to be. In addition, you will have the ability to adapt your individual sides over time, as your needs change. Learn about customization.

We believe that consumer culture is shifting back to buying less.

And when we do purchase, it is for higher quality goods. By doing so, we are spending less time researching and repurchasing when lesser quality products break down, and more time relaxing and enjoying life.