Get the Exact Sleep System For Your Unique Body

Our sleep proffesionals analyze your unique sleeping needs and tailor a solution specifically to you.

You'll be amazed at how well you sleep.

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Take the guesswork out of picking your ideal sleep system

We offer a selection of customizable products that you can adjust easily, at home, according to your specific needs, and experience the difference that night.

Take your sleep to the next level by surrounding yourself with natural materials, specifically chosen and customized to fit your body and preferences.

Your personal pillow

The height of our pillows can be adjusted by adding or removing the organic rubber latex or wool filling, giving your head and neck the perfect level of support.

Our pillows are also easily moldable throughout the night whether you sleep on your side, back or tummy.

Make your mattress

Our natural latex mattresses are assembled in layers and can be split down the middle, giving us the ability to pick the perfect level of comfort and support for each sleeper.

The Studio line goes a step further by giving the ability to customize individual shoulder, hip and leg zones.

Goodbye pillow-top. Hello pillowy topper

Rather than sewing on a pillow-top, we keep our toppers separate. This allows us to choose the perfect size and material (either wool, latex or a combination of two), while giving the sleeper the ability to flip and rotate the topper to extend its life.

With greater freedom, flexibility and durability, modular is better.

A pillow to hug and to hold

A body pillow helps to keep shoulders and hips in proper alignment throughout the night, reducing soreness, pressure points and the twisting that causes tossing and turning. Our body pillows come in various sizes to accommodate every body using all natural wool and latex.

We put the comfort in comforter

Wool gives year round comfort giving insulation and warmth in cooler weather and helping to wick away moisture when things warm up.

Not only do our wool comforters come in different weights but they can also be split down the middle accommodating sleepers with different needs in the same bed.

"A mattress made for two shouldn’t be designed for one.”