Why Choose Natural and Organic?

More and more awareness is coming forth around the negative impact many synthetic bedding products have on our health, as well as our environment. Investing in naturally made mattresses and linens allows us to sidestep those potential risks. Choosing organic, we end up with a higher quality product and the good feeling of knowing we are part of a global community that is making a positive difference.

Doing what’s best for ourselves as well as for the planet feels great—everybody wins.

9 Reasons to Choose Natural and Organic Bedding:

  1. Natural fibres are breathable so our heat can easily pass through and out. Our bodies have a built in temperature regulating system, and bedding needs to be breathable in order to support that. Otherwise we wake up hot and sweaty, removing covers to release the heat build up and disrupting our precious sleep.
  2. Safer for our health. There are no harmful chemicals, pesticides or toxic dyes added to certified organic bedding. That means our bodies aren’t subjected to these either. The amount of chemicals that we are exposed to due to pollution and manufacturing out there in the big world is increasing all the time. Creating a sleep sanctuary in our homes gives us the much needed break our bodies need to recover and recharge.
  3. Safer Work Conditions. Organic cotton workers are not exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides so their health is not adversely affected. Many have heard that conventional cotton crops are amongst the dirtiest on the planet. Look for the GOTS symbol when shopping for cotton, for third party certified organic alternatives, so you know they are good for you and the planet.
  4. Healthier waterways and less pollution. The production of organic cotton does not contribute to the contamination of groundwater systems. Often we forget that when water is used in the manufacturing process, that the neighbouring waterways will be greatly affected. Organic productions leave a minor footprint and ensures long term damage does not take place. There is also less use of water in the production of organic fibres and the majority of this water can be recycled.  
  5. Sustainable: Organic cotton, rubber tree latex and eco/organic wool are sustainable resources. Protecting our non renewable resources is so important, as is establishing wide scale use of renewable resources. When we make purchases, we are helping define how our industries develop and which ones become obsolete. We have quite a bit of power as consumers to sway how businesses make decisions.
  6. Gentle on our bodies: We need our sleep time to be as rich and wholesome as we can make it. Starting with a baseline of clean, green and breathable bedding gives us the best chance for an amazing sleep.
  7. Dyes used in organic cotton are low-impact, meaning they do not contain harmful heavy metals, toxic chemicals and harmful mordants.
  8. Allergy support: Those of us with challenged immune systems and allergies, will find the moisture wicking ability of natural fibres will help keep bedding dry and dust mite free.
  9. You Deserve It. Investing in quality bedding feels incredible. Getting the best sleep is the gift that keeps on giving. 

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