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Supreme quality for unmatched comfort and customized support.

Nature has everything you need.

It’s quite simple—when our surroundings are free from chemicals, toxins and allergens, we breathe cleaner air and we get better sleep.

At Resthouse, you’ll find only beautiful, natural, organic materials that last a lifetime—like linen, latex, cotton and wool.

We've simplified the journey to achieving high quality restorative sleep with a complete sleep environment.

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The 5 Sleep Essentials™

A complete sleep environment consists of five key elements that guarantee both comfort and support so your body can rest with ease.

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Personalize your pillow.

Better sleep starts with your head and neck. The Kakūn Organic Pillow is our best selling, flagship pillow, fitting every type of sleeper. Simply unzip the case and add or remove the fill to find your perfect fit.

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Correct your alignment.

The Kakūn Premium Body Pillow supports your shoulders, hips and spine throughout the night, maintaining head-to-toe alignment, improving blood circulation and relieving pressure points so you can reach deep sleep.

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Customize your full body support.

We all have our own foundational sleep needs that are highly personal. Choose your optimal layers of support and desired degrees of softness for a fully customized comfort experience with our Kakūn Organic Mattress.

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Top with breathable softness.

Rest comes easy when your body is wrapped in soft, breathable comfort. Our beautifully rumpled Organic Cotton Crinkled Percale sheets do just that.

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Regulate your body temperature.

Our body's internal thermostat shifts while we sleep. Maintaining an ideal temperature will keep you asleep with comfort and ease. Our Kakūn Wool Comfoter helps to ensure natural thermoregulation is maintained.

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