Wool Dryer Balls

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No Dryer Sheets? No Problem

Made in North Saanich, British Columbia, from absorbent organic wool, these dryer balls are an environmentally-friendly way to upgrade your clothes dryer. By keeping your individual items separated, these dryer balls decrease drying time by up to 50%, reduce wrinkles and static, and will last at least 100 loads.

Place all 5 balls into the dryer for the best results. While tumbling in the dryer the balls will absorb the moisture and separate the wet laundry, enabling the air in the dryer to circulate better and dry the items in half the time! The wool balls will soften the laundry and help to reduce and eliminate static and wrinkles.

If desired, the balls can be easily scented by adding a few drops of pure essential oil onto each ball and rubbing it in well. They are washable by placing the balls individually into a sock and then into the washer.

• Set comes with five felted balls.

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