Kakun Organic Pillow

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Better sleep starts with your head and neck. The Kakūn Organic Pillow is our best selling, flagship pillow–and for good reason.

Fitting every type of sleeper, our coveted all-natural organic pillow offers the highest degree of versatility and malleability that provides adaptive support–no matter your shape or size. Unlike traditional pillow fills, shredded latex and wool doesn’t fall away, but rather softly moulds to the unique shape of your head, neck and shoulders–no matter your sleep position.

With support and comfort being highly personal, you can simply unzip the organic cotton casing and add or remove the fill to achieve your perfect fit. 
    All-Natural, Sustainable Materials

    • GOLS certified organic shredded Dunlop latex from Sri Lanka
    • GOTS certified organic Corriedale sheep’s wool pearls from Argentina
    • GOTS certified organic cotton canvas fabric from Peru
    • Hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant
    • Made in Ottawa, Canada

    Size: Queen
    Kakūn Pillow Size Guide

    14" x 19"

    Bringing a little bit of the sleep sanctuary on the go or for someone who just likes a small pillow.


    20" x 26"

    Standard size is best suited for smaller mattresses or for people who want an easier pillow to maneuver when sleeping. 


    20" x 30"

    Queen is the most popular size option, as it fits well on both a queen or king size bed. Being slightly larger in size, compared to the standard, the queen provides more pillow space for those who tend to toss and turn throughout the night.  


    20" x 36"

    King size is for those who truly want a larger pillow. We find most people who are looking for a sleep pillow go with a standard or queen, as when you sleep in the middle of a king size pillow, there is a lot more material to manage. There is more accuracy with the smaller sizes. 

    Fill: Latex
    Organic Latex or Organic Wool?

    Both are sustainable choices and fill adjustable. The Organic Shredded Latex (derived from rubber trees) is the most popular choice and slightly more shapeable, while the Organic Wool fill is popular among wool enthusiasts.

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    Kakun Organic Pillow

    Kakun Organic Pillow

    Queen / Latex

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    our secret to better sleep:

    Properly supporting the head and correctly aligning the neck.

    Head-to-toe alignment is integral for a good night’s sleep. Inadequate head and neck support leads to burdening the body with unnecessary stress and strain, resulting in discomfort that disrupts our sleep cycles–extending into our waking hours too.

    Organic All-Natural Latex

    Latex (made from rubber trees) is a highly sustainable material that is also very durable—that’s why we love it for our sleep products. It has a neutral smell, and because ours is enclosed in cotton is also safe for those with a latex allergy.

    Premium Organic Wool

    Naturally thermoregulating, our Organic Wool helps you sleep at optimal temperature. More durable and supportive than synthetics or down, it even biodegrades at the end of its life cycle—good for your sleep and the planet.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    My pillow doesn't fall flat, but rather keeps my head feeling lifted and supported.

    Kyle R.

    I can't say enough about this pillow! I no longer wake up with a headache and stiff neck.

    Imogen B.

    My pillow doesn't fall flat, but rather keeps my head feeling lifted and supported.

    Kyle R.

    I can't say enough about this pillow! I no longer wake up with a headache and stiff neck.

    Imogen B.

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