Kakun Wool Comforter

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Maintain your ideal temperature all night long. Whether you like warm or cool, the handmade Kakūn Wool Comforter is made from Premium Eco Wool™. Encased within naturally breathable organic cotton fabric, the comforter is hand-tufted to keep the wool in place and ensure natural thermoregulation to keep you fast asleep.

All-Natural, Sustainable Materials

• Premium Eco Wool™ from Oregon and California, USA
• GOTS certified organic cotton grown in India and milled in Pakistan
• Naturally temperature regulating, breathable, anti-microbial, hypoallergenic
• Synthetic-free
• Made in Washington, USA

Size: Full/Queen
Kakūn Wool Comforter Size Guide
Size  Twin  Queen/Full King
Measurements 68"x 68" 92" x 88" 108" x 92"
Light Weight 2.6lbs 3.2lbs 3.75lbs
Medium Weight 3.6lbs 4.5lbs 5.2lbs
Heavy Weight 5.6lbs 7lbs 8.1lbs 

Light Weight

Offering lightweight, airy insulation for those humid, warmer months. This is the ideal match for those hot sleepers. 

Medium Weight

Our most popular option. This weight provides all-season comfort. It is suited for most climates and is a great middle-ground for sleepers to stay warm and cozy (but not hot!).

Heavy Weight

This weight is designed specifically to be more insulating and heavier than the others. It is excellent for people living in cold climates or those with a cooler body type. Perpetually chilly people rejoice; this was made for you. 

Split Weight 

One comforter, no compromise. Best suited for partners, our split weights allow each sleeper to choose their ideal weight for their side in the same comforter. You can use the guides above to choose your side.

Weight: Medium
Light, Medium, or Heavy Weight?

Different bodies run at different temperatures. The weight of our wool comforter directly correlates to how warm it’s intended to keep you. Learn more by clicking the size chart above for more guidance on what weight is best for you.

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Kakun Wool Comforter

Kakun Wool Comforter

Full/Queen / Medium

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our secret to better sleep:

Regulated sleeping body temperature.

If the goal is sleep, waking up to toss the covers on or off is disruptive. By eliminating synthetic materials and thick fabric weaves, the Kakūn Organic Comforter naturally thermoregulates to keep you warm or cool through the night.

Better materials matter.

Premium Eco-Wool™

Naturally thermoregulating, our certified premium Eco Wool™ is luxuriously soft, breathable, and helps you sleep at your optimal body temperature—unlike synthetics or down that trap in heat. It’s even odour-resistant and biodegradable.

Certified Organic Cotton

Cotton, when organically produced, is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre. Unlike conventional cotton, our ethically made GOTS certified organic cotton is grown pollutant- and pesticide-free–making it kinder for our skin, sleep, and the planet. It’s also superiorly soft, breathable, and why we love it for the outer casing of our wool comforter.

Breathable and cosy, makes for a wonderful sleep.

- Michelle O.

This comforter is the best I have ever experienced. Full stop. End of story.

- Barbara T.

Breathable and cosy, makes for a wonderful sleep.

- Michelle O.

This comforter is the best I have ever experienced. Full stop. End of story.

- Barbara T.

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