Why Choose Natural and Organic Bedding?

It’s quite simple—when our surroundings are free from chemicals, toxins and allergens, we breathe cleaner air and we get better sleep. By investing in quality, natural bedding and sleep essentials that last, you’re lightening your impact on the planet for the whole product lifecycle—while it’s being made, while it’s in your home and long afterwards.

7 Reasons to Shop Natural
Naturally Breathable
Waking up hot and sweaty? Let’s fix that. All of our bedding is made from naturally breathable fibers that work with your body’s temperature regulating system to prevent heat build-up, keeping you comfortable all night long.
We spend about 26 years of our life in bed. We know you don’t want to curl up with chemicals, pesticides, or toxic dyes night after night. Everything at Reshouse is free from synthetics and easier on your body around-the-clock.
Safer Work Environments
Our organic materials are third-party certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), which helps us ensure safe and healthy working conditions for the folks that create our products.
Cleaner Water
Organic materials are cleaner for our waterways and easier on the environment. The water that’s used to make our organic bedding is almost fully recyclable.
Renewable Resources
Resthouse products are made with low-impact materials like organic cotton, eco wool, and rubber tree latex, which are easier on the environment to harvest, shape and reuse.
Eco-Friendly Dyes
We’re proud to offer our organic cotton bedding in a gorgeous range of colours that are free of harmful mordants, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals often found in traditional fabric dyes.
Hypoallergenic & Dust-Mite Resistant
Natural fibres wick moisture, keeping your bed dry and dust-mite free—and allergies at bay. All of this behind-the-scenes work adds up to more uninterrupted sleep.

And... it's beautiful.

Making Kakūn

Not Just Natural, Certified

Everything you’ll find here is made from certified organic, low-impact renewable resources that are easier on the environment to harvest, shape and reuse. We believe what you choose to bring into your home should take care of you and our planet.

Sustainability & Ceritifcations