Product Care

Care instructions will vary based on the specific product and the material it contains. Please check labels for instructions.

Contact us if you have any further questions.


  • Apply no heat and no friction
  • Do not wash in hot water 
  • Do not use your machine (unless otherwise specified)
  • Gentle spot cleaning is acceptable (always use cold water and eco friendly soap)
  • You can air out your wool on a hot summer day. The heat of the sun will help revive the fibre by expanding it

Our wool is Natural and is cleaned and processed without the use of harsh chemical agents. You may notice a gentle scent of farm fields when you receive your new wool item. Wool retains its naturally occurring lanolin oil and its scent will dissipate within a few days.


  • Avoid washing your organic cotton in hot water and drying it at a high temperature (the heat breaks down the fibre and shortens the life of your product)
  • Cold to warm water is best
  • If you tumble dry, select the low heat option
  • Try sun bleaching your white colour cotton on a beautiful summer’s day (works best when wet and bring it in at nightfall)


  • Do not wash any components of the mattress
  • For spot cleaning, unzip the cover of the mattress and gently dab the latex with an eco friendly soap and minimal water. Air dry completely before closing up the cover
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat source
  • Flip and rotate the top two layers every 6 months to maintain the life of your mattress. If the top layer is soft latex we recommend this process be done seasonally.

Wool and cotton mattress casing:

  • Do not machine wash
  • Gentle spot cleaning with eco friendly soap is acceptable (make sure to air dry thoroughly before closing up the mattress)
  • Casing can be removed and aired out on a sunny day for a refresh


  • Do not place your mattress directly on the floor. Mattresses need to breathe. Lay mattress on a slatted platform system or place on a coconut coir rug. Please contact us to explore other possible options
  • Flip and rotate latex layers every six months to extend the life of your mattress. If the top layer is soft latex we recommend this process be done seasonally.
  • Verse coil mattress should be rotated (not flipped) every six months
  • Use a protective cover to extend the lifespan of your mattress

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