Kakūn Pillow Size Guide


14" x 19"

Bringing a little bit of the sleep sanctuary on the go or for someone who just likes a small pillow.


20" x 26"

Standard size is best suited for smaller mattresses or for people who want an easier pillow to maneuver when sleeping. 


20" x 30"

Queen is the most popular size option, as it fits well on both a queen or king size bed. Being slightly larger in size, compared to the standard, the queen provides more pillow space for those who tend to toss and turn throughout the night.  


20" x 36"

King size is for those who truly want a larger pillow. We find most people who are looking for a sleep pillow go with a standard or queen, as when you sleep in the middle of a king size pillow, there is a lot more material to manage. There is more accuracy with the smaller sizes.