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How to choose a bed where your healthiest sleep happens

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the right bed for you. It’s a big decision you’ll use daily. We take the time to hear your sleep story and ask thoughtful questions that reveal what you need for rejuvenating rest. Whether you’re working with an existing mattress or want to start fresh, we’ll tailor recommendations to your unique sleep style and space. 

Our entire offering is flexible, adaptable and made to move through life’s stages with you—supporting your healthiest sleep today and ten years from now. We’ll check in after you’ve had some time to sleep in your new bed and help you make adjustments if your preferences and needs change.

Personalize your Pillow

Whether your pillow preference is extra-plush or flat-and-firm, our customized pillows always deliver that just-right support (even if that ebbs and flows over time) simply by adding or removing the organic rubber latex or wool filling. In a matter of minutes, you’ll get a pillow that’s ideal for your sleep position and alignment.

Feel All-Night Alignment with a Body Pillow 

Our eco wool and latex body pillows are available in a range of sizes so we can recommend the ideal fit for you. Hugging a body pillow soothes your nervous system and keeps side sleepers in an ideal position throughout the night. After one night with optimal hip and shoulder alignment and less tossing and turning, you’ll wonder why you’ve gone your whole life without one.

Curl up in a Just-right Comforter

Run extra hot? Waking up feeling cold? Our collection of ultra breathable, dust mite-resistant wool comforters in three different weights help you get uninterrupted sleep in all four seasons. We also offer a Split Option so we can customize each half of the comforter to fit you and your partner’s preferences.

Start with a Topper

Our toppers add an extra layer of cloud-like comfort to your mattress—helping to regulate your temperature, relieve pressure points and minimize tossing and turning. They’re a great starting point if you’re not ready to invest in a whole new bed. We’ll help you choose between an eco wool topper in different lofts or our Vita Talalay and Dunlop latex options.

Get a Customized Mattress

Unsure about how to choose a mattress that’s right for you? Experiencing pain or discomfort, or recovering from an injury? We’ll listen to your pain points and personalize a mattress to your shoulder, hip and leg zones to give your body exactly what it needs for restful sleep. 

Different sleep preferences than your partner? Our natural latex mattresses can be customized to firmer or softer levels on each side for compromise-free comfort.

"A mattress made for two shouldn’t be designed for one.” 

Now at Uptown

Visit our new Uptown location in Victoria to get a one-on-one, personalized fitting. You’ll be able to touch, feel and explore our full product line in our spacious homebase. We’ll walk you through each option so you feel confident in your decision.

Not on Vancouver Island? Book a phone consultation with our caring, knowledgeable Sleep Educators.

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