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Wondering what to expect?

Mattress shopping may be daunting for some. We do things differently. This is all about you. You can take a deep breath, it is easy. We’ll ask a few questions, listen to your needs, and find your perfect match.

So, how do we do it?

No two people are alike, and the “one size fits all” approach never made sense to us. Instead, we created a customizable line-up of mattresses, pillows, body pillows, toppers, comforters, and sheets, that give us the flexibility to fit everyone. Taking the time to listen and guide you towards sleep tools that solve your personal needs is our guarantee to help you sleep better.

We start by asking a few questions to learn about how you sleep.

What is important for us to know?

Sleeping position(s)
Body type
Injuries and/or pain
Temperature concerns
Restlessness, disruptions?
These determine where we start with your mattress density and thickness. Since our mattresses are layered, we can test out a variety of configurations to narrow in on which is most supportive for you. While you settle into each configuration, we gain a visual for your alignment and the way your body responds to the mattress, while listening to your comfort cues. You can lay back and relax, and we’ll do what we do best