We’ve dedicated our lives to sleep

We’ve seen sleep transform lives. It transformed ours. 

So we’ve dedicated our days to creating healing sleep environments that support individual needs and create the fabric for flourishing communities. We believe the greatest service we can offer our community is helping people get the sleep they so desperately need.

For the last twenty years, we’ve been learning about people’s sleep—from tiny new humans to great grandparents and everyone in between. We opened our first-ever location in Duncan, B.C. where we shared our sleep knowledge with an incredible community for seven awesome years. Today, we’re proud to welcome guests to our new location at Uptown in Victoria, where we’ve had the dream-come-true opportunity to build our Resthouse homebase from scratch, with ample room for us to create truly personal, custom sleep environments for each person who walks through our door. 

When you come to see us, you’ll be greeted by a caring team who takes the time to get to know you—listening intently to your story and figuring out what’s getting in the way of your sleep. Then we’ll help you get the rest you need. We can’t wait to meet you.

– Chris and Olga

What We Believe In
Holistic Sleep Environments
Our layered approach to natural sleep environments responds to what your body is asking for. With temperature-regulating bedding, custom support mattresses and fit-for-you pillows, we are your sleep architects—building the space where your healthiest sleep happens.
Nature Has Everything You Need
At Resthouse, you’ll find only beautiful, natural materials that last a lifetime—like linen, latex, organic cotton and wool. Our certified organic bedding, pillows and mattresses are completely clean, with whole body benefits: naturally breathable, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant.
Empowering You With Deep Sleep Awareness
A good night's rest starts with mindful, informed choices that support your whole body. And every body is different. We offer our community illuminating clarity about your sleep health and what you need from a bed, bedding and sleep setting. We share insights about your sleep that will serve you for the rest of your lives.
Adaptable Bedding That Evolves With You
The one constant in life? Change. That’s why we offer adaptable sleep support for every chapter—be it a pregnancy, injury, growing up or getting older. To us, luxury bedding means it’s made to last and move through life's stages with you, planned or unplanned.
Listening Intently
Through observation, empathy and one-on-one dialogue, we get to know what’s troubling your mind and body and what could be missing from your sleep setup. Our approach is patient, inclusive and supportive.
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