Kakun Organic Shredded Latex Body Pillow

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Rest Easy

Our heaviest body pillow, The Kakūn Shredded Latex Body Pillow is designed to keep you in one optimal sleep position, providing all-night alignment for your shoulders, hips, and back (even if you’re known to toss and turn).

  • Customizable for your preferred shape and support level
  • Our pillows come generously overstuffed so they’re adaptable to a wide range of preferences
  • Cuddling a body pillows offers calming comfort that can ease stress and help you fall asleep faster
  • Ideal for side sleepers. Not one? Sleeping with a body pillow also supports faster recovery from athletic exertion, soothes the nervous system, helps with pregnancy-related discomfort and promotes optimal alignment for less snoring (yay).

• GOTS certified organic cotton fabric from Peru
• GOLS certified organic shredded Dunlop latex from Sri Lanka
• Dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic
• Made in Ottawa, ON, Canada
• 3-year limited warranty

Outer body pillow protector should be washed seasonally in cold water and hung to dry*
Pillow loft can be adjusted by unzipping your pillow's inner casing and adding or removing latex filling. We suggest doing this over a hard surface floor or outside. Fill is biodegradable.
Do not expose pillow to direct sunlight.
Spot clean inner casing only using a mild soap, cold water and a cotton or microfibre cloth.
*Resthouse is not responsible for any shrinkage

11 lb (Small) 14" x 44"
17 lb (Medium) 17" x 52"

Better materials for superior sleep

Our organic and biodegradable shredded rubber latex is luxuriously soft, yet more supportive and durable than synthetics or down.

Breathe easily knowing the whole pillow is natural, sustainably-sourced and will not off-gas, or trap heat.  

How to roll over with a body pillow

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