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Holy Lamb Organic Cool Comfort Crib Comforter at Resthouse Vancouver Island Eco-Wool
Lightweight, soft, and all natural crib comforter
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Cool Comfort Crib Comforter

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Get an Early Start on Comfort

Holy Lamb Organics' signature baby blanket consists of a lush layer of Premium Eco Wool™, hugged by a smooth, organic sateen cotton cover. It's lightweight and cozy and the hand-stitched perimeter and tufts on the entire comforter keep the wool in place.

    Premium Eco Wool™ batting
    GOTS certified organic cotton fabric cover
    Made in the USA

    In case of emergency:
    Gently spot clean the affected area by running or blotting cold water through the fibres. Squeeze gently to disperse excess water.

    Placing your wool bedding in the sun a few times per year is an excellent way to refresh and cleanse your bedding using the benefits of the sun. Sunning will naturally deodorize, bleach, disinfect, and revitalize your bedding.

    Do not dry cleaning unless it is taken to a certified "green" cleaner.

    Crib 35” x 53”

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