Celebrating 30 Years of Coyuchi: Part 1

Coyuchi - From modest beginnings on a cotton farm, to successfully bringing thoughtfully crafted, unpretentious, simply beautiful textiles to market

Welcome to part one of our three-part series featuring one of our all-time favourite partners, Coyuchi. This incredible supplier of fine bedding, bathroom linens, home textiles, and more is celebrating their 30th birthday this year and we couldn’t be more excited for them. We’ll be following up with two more posts that examine Coyuchi’s heroic efforts to bring sustainability, human rights, and carefully considered design principles to the bedroom. But today, we’re taking you back to the beginning for a look at Coyuchi’s foundations and how our relationship with them enabled us to bring their premium suite of products to the Cowichan Valley and beyond.

The Beginning

The seed of Coyuchi began to grow in 1991, in a region well-known for its textiles, Oaxaca, Mexico. Founder Christine Nielson was working on a development project there and encountered the word coyuchi for the first time. The Nahuatl word refers to the undyed, unbleached colour of cotton fabric, and it couldn’t be a more apt descriptor for the natural products that have been at the forefront of Coyuchi’s collection for three decades (this author has both undyed crinkled percale sheets and an undyed cotton comforter from Coyuchi on his bed).

The business was initially focussed on growing organic, pesticide-free cotton using sustainable methods, to be used in the production of luxury bedding for sale at premium retailers in California. But their success was so great that by 2008, it became obvious that Coyuchi needed to open its own retail operation at Point Reyes Station, California, a location that echoes through their collection in names like the Reyes Organic Waffle Blanket. This giant leap forward made Coyuchi the first retailer to put their emphasis on premium, organic cotton bedding. A short time later in 2011, with the creation of coyuchi.com, that premium bedding instantly became available to discerning sleepers across the United States.

Over the next six years, two important things happened. First, Coyuchi dedicated itself to learning and growing as a company, accruing multiple certifications that cemented its position as one of the most sustainable and worker-friendly companies in the world (more on that in our next feature post). Second, they got noticed. By a lot of people, but especially, by the team at Resthouse.


The Partnership

The Resthouse mission to bring top-quality, sustainable bedding and mattresses to Canadian customers began in 2014. It was a humble start in a converted garage. But after a few years of research, learning, and talking to clients, suppliers, and sleep experts, one brand stood out for inclusion in Resthouse’s carefully curated collection: Coyuchi, of course.

In 2017, we reached out to Coyuchi to begin the relationship that would bring their outstanding bedding north of the border. Their values are almost perfectly aligned with our own. From customer service and attention to detail, to environmental protection, health, and social responsibility, there is kismet between our two organizations that continues to this day. 

At first, we started out by testing the waters with our community, introducing them to Coyuchi products that we thought would fill gaps in local offerings. After all, Canadians had almost no experience with these types of super high-quality textiles, so we couldn’t be sure that the desire was there. In just a short time, it became abundantly clear that Coyuchi products would always be among our top sellers. So, we made a conscious decision to do our very best to ensure that all of their bathroom and bedroom goods are in stock and ready to ship, making it possible for local customers and nationwide shoppers alike to visit our website at any time knowing that these products would be available. The rocksolid nature of our relationship with Coyuchi, and the ever-reliable supply of new designs and old favourites, has made Resthouse the top retailer of Coyuchi items in Canada.

The Future

After 30 years of progress, from modest beginnings on a cotton farm, to successfully bringing thoughtfully crafted, unpretentious, simply beautiful textiles to market, what more can Coyuchi do? Thankfully for the Resthouse community, Coyuchi is showing no signs of slowing down. We know they will continue to innovate in the field of organic fabrics, bring new ideas, new textures, and new ways to ensure their products are the absolute best they can be. And the ideal place for Canadians to find their products? Right here .

We salute Coyuchi on their 30th birthday, and we can’t wait to work with them for 30 more. Stay tuned for part two, as we delve deeper into Coyuchi’s efforts to promote social responsibility across the textile industry.

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