Customize Your Mattress

Customize Your Mattress - Customization of Each Side for Two People

"A mattress made for two shouldn’t be designed for one". This is one of our favourite phrases, coined by the team from the Obasan brand, who we really resonate with. The mattress industry has gone so far the other way in their bed-in-the-box revolution that mattresses are being touted as life-changing on a one-style-fits-all model, while not taking into account that we all have different needs. 

When we started this idea of offering a mattress that was firmer on one side and softer on the other, the concept was foreign to most customers. The old model of one mattress working for all was being challenged, as it had always been the traditional way. One person almost always needed to compromise and this usually left one sleeper not satisfied. Why do companies feel like this is the right thing to do? If you have 2 people with completely different builds, it is unrealistic to think that this conventional method is an effective solution. These decisions need to be made with more care and attention to an individual sleeper's needs, patterns, and habits. 

Fast forward past extreme mattress marketing and you are left with vulnerable people who need help with improving their sleep lives. Excellent sleep is proven to revolutionize our wakeful lives, with a list of health benefits that are astounding. Sleep truly is the new fountain of youth and without it being a priority, it can wreak havoc on our lives. I know that for me personally, when I go through stretches of sleep deprivation, my sugar addiction kicks in, as well as my mood swings, which can ultimately lead to mild depression and anxiety. It’s a vicious cycle that I know so many us struggle with, and its effects emerge in numerous negative ways. 

 After having been in the industry for such a long time, I have found that we are not so different in what we need, based on our height, build and sleeping position. Mattress customization is here to stay and with our addition of Canadian made Obasan to our offerings, we now have customization 3.0. Not only can we adjust each side, we now have the ability to fit our customers with different firmnesses, specifically focusing on bodyweight distribution, giving us the ability to narrow in on our customers' particular areas of need (shoulders and hips). Guess and hope are no longer words to be used when picking a life enhancing/changing sleep system. It’s almost like getting a prescription filled. With mattress customization we have ability to be extremely accurate. 

Customizable Organic Mattresses by Obasan Available at Resthouse in Duncan, British Columbia

Above: Obasan mattress customization sample

The next time you are looking for a mattress, take my points into consideration. The right sleep solutions have long term benefits. So, make sure you are educating yourself and looking at all the options for what you need.

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