Back to School Bedding Guide

Back to School Bedding Guide

Whether you’re moving into a campus dorm or staying put in your own bedroom, below are must-have items for your comfort and healthy sleep.


What Kind Of Bedding Should I Get?

Most college dorm rooms come equipped with Twin XL beds. Check out our website for sizes, fabrics and colours. If you’re unsure of the mattress size, you can always go with a flat sheet tucked into your mattress instead of a fitted sheet.

Can You Suggest Some Dorm Room Must-Have Items?

We have exactly what you will need to make your dorm room feel like home.

Mattress Topper

Dorm beds are often not the most comfortable. A Kakūn Mattress Topper can make the difference between sleeping and sleeping well.


Mattress Protector

Chances are high that you aren’t the first person using the mattress, and a mattress protector will provide a barrier between the mattress and your sheets. It will also protect your mattress if you tend to eat and drink on your bed. Our lineup of mattress protectors are breathable and free of chemicals and additives.


Our sheets and sheet sets are made from beautiful, sustainable, and luxurious organic cotton and linen for the soft and dreamy sleep you need. Choose from an array of fabrics, colours, and styles that are ethically made and the perfect way to make your bed even more inviting. Two sets of sheets are a must when you have to go out to do your laundry!


Our Kakūn Organic Shredded Latex or Organic Wool Pillows are customizable so that you have control over how soft or firm you want them to be. Breathe easily knowing the whole pillow is natural, sustainably-sourced and will not off-gas, or trap heat.

Body Pillow

Our Premium Eco Wool™ and Organic Cotton Body Pillow will provide you with physical support and emotional comfort.


You likely won’t be able to control the temperature in your dorm room. The Kakūn Wool Comforter is hand-made using organic cotton fabric and filled with Premium Eco Wool™ batting. Durable, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and best of all, moisture and temperature regulating, wool is the perfect material for a comforter that will ensure you sleep well and wake feeling rested.

Other Must Haves:
Extra Blanket/Throw
Shower Shoes
Extra Long Charging Cords
Power Strip
Bedside Organizer
Under Bed Storage Bins
Compact Vacuum
Hangers/Closet Organizer
Laundry Tote
First Aid Kit
Portable Fan
Desk Lamp
Electric Kettle with Auto Turn Off
Personal Decor Items

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