Wrap Up the Year with Irusu

Wrap Up the Year with Irusu

As the days get shorter and take on that beautiful, crisp, refreshing feel we’ve been waiting for all summer, our thoughts turn to ensuring our homes are as warm and comforting as they can possibly be for the winter months. Especially after a year of uncertainty, getting our bedrooms ready for us to spend even more time indoors is number one on our list of seasonal priorities, followed closely by pumpkin spice lattes, watching the leaves change, and preparing ourselves emotionally for an annual viewing of Love Actually.

Just in time for scarf season, our Irusu collection has what you need to rest up after a stressful summer, take pleasure in your private spaces, and wake each day feeling calm and restored. Let’s take a look at what Irusu can do for you.


Nothing is more important to a good night’s sleep (or a lazy snow day nap) than a supportive, comfortable, healthful mattress. The Resthouse Irusu collection features three mattresses that cater to the needs of even the most discerning dozer. Made from the highest quality organic cotton, wool, and latex available, each of these sleep surfaces offers a full complement of benefits for your comfort and health.


While the cooler months are wonderful for baking apple pies and gazing into a roaring fire, they’re not ideal for ventilation. Think of all the condensation you’re going to see on the insides of your windows—the last thing you want is for that moisture to stay in your bedding. Thanks to the natural properties of organic wool, these mattresses are highly breathable, allowing for air flow without losing that warm and comfy feel. 

Temperature Regulating

Let’s face it, not every house is equipped with a thermostat that works properly. From ice cold mornings to steamy hot evenings and everything in between, fall and winter can be a minefield when it comes to figuring out how to stay at your ideal temperature. Fortunately, the quality materials and thoughtful design of Irusu mattresses help to regulate your body temperature throughout the night, so that changes in the weather, climate control, and your sleep cycles don’t impact the excellent sleep you need to wake feeling ready to take on the day, or just stay in bed watching your favourite movie.


The key to getting your cave ready for winter is finding all the perfect touches that make it just the way you like it. The comfy chair. The beeswax candle. The customizable mattress? Absolutely.

Each of our three Irusu mattresses offers customizable options to ensure you get the exact level of support you need while maintaining optimal softness for relief of pressure points. The ultra-low profile Irusu 8” mattress is made with two layers of organic latex, one medium and one firm. Just give it a flip to enhance your level of support. The beautifully designed Irusu 9” mattress features an additional layer that gives you even more control over your level of support—plus you can customize the layers for each side of the bed, perfect for couples who love cold weather but don’t love the same sleep surface. And for those who want a truly luxurious bed for days when the weather is just too stormy to even consider going out, the Irusu 10” mattress is a must-have. With thicker layers and more density options, the 10” model is our most supportive, most comforting, and most customizable mattress; if the 9” is the world’s most delicious cup of hot cocoa, the 10” adds gourmet marshmallows.

And considering the humidity indoors during the fall and winter, why not help keep your mattress in top condition for years to come with a coconut coir bed rug? Made from coconut fibre and organic latex, this bed rug dramatically improves air flow between your mattress and bed frame or platform bed.

That Layered Look

Cooler weather calls for layering up. Plaid scarf over a brown felt coat over a patterned collared shirt? Timeless style. Herringbone throw over a wool comforter over an Irusu mattress? A new contemporary classic.

Wool Comforter

The Irusu Organic Wool Comforter is the ideal item for wrapping your entire body in warmth, leaving just your nose poking out so you can smell when the pumpkin pie is ready. Made from breathable and temperature regulating organic wool encased in GOTS Certified organic cotton, this comforter comes in three weights to accommodate those who prefer a roaring fire in the hearth or nordic types who want to see their breath before bed. Plus, they’re made in Canada, so you can rest easy knowing you’re swaddled in a product that can handle the seasons.

Herringbone Throw

What winter palace is complete without a touch of flair to top it off? The Irusu Herringbone Throw adds a subtle charm to your bedroom, sofa, favourite armchair, or just wrapped around your shoulders as you look out the window and decide to watch Casablanca again. Made from the same breathable organic wool as the comforter, it’s as useful as it is beautiful.

However you spend your autumn, whether inside stirring the mulled wine or outside splashing through puddles, the Irusu Collection guarantees that you’ll sleep so well you might as well be a bear getting ready for hibernation.