How to Pick the Best Pillow of Your Life

How to Pick the Best Pillow of Your Life

We know from experience that getting your pillow right can greatly improve your sleep. That means knowing when a beloved old pillow has past its usefulness, and choosing it’s replacement wisely.

When you come to Resthouse looking to buy a pillow, we start first by asking you some unique questions:

  • What kind of “feel” do you like in a pillow? For instance do you like a soft, sink your head into the pillow sensation, or a pillow shape that stays consistent in form?
  • Do you like to “punch” your pillow into shape?
  • Do you like a low profile pillow?
  • Are you a pillow cuddler?
  • Do you sleep on your back or on your side? Tummy sleeper? A little of everything?

Next we take this information and fit you for a pillow. You will start by laying down on a mattress similar to your preferred firmness, lay on your back, side or tummy as you would at home, and then we start bringing you pillows to try. This way you get to take as much time as you need to experience each type of pillow, and see if it works for your sleep needs.

Are you primarily a side sleeper? In our experience side sleepers need a little extra support, and body pillows are often suggested. A body pillow is a long and narrow pillow that runs the length of your body, supporting both your top leg and arm throughout the night. We feel that side sleepers need two pillows to ensure a quality sleep. These long pillows maintain your body alignment and offer consistent support. They will often alleviate pain for those who awaken with hip, shoulder and back soreness from sleeping on their side. Body pillows may also help those who snore, by making it comfortable to sleep the night on your side, rather than shifting onto your back.

Almost all of the head pillows we recommend at Resthouse are customizable. That means they come to you with extra filling, so that you have control over how full your pillow is. At any time you can add or subtract stuffing to maintain your best loft preference. Simply remove what you don’t need at the start, and save it for future use. We find this extends the lifespan of your naturally filled pillow closer to 3 years, rather than the 1 year recommendation of conventional pillow manufacturers.

Simply put, a pillow choice is a science more than an art, and certainly more involved than just pulling a pillow off of the shelf and hoping it will be the right one. Many sleep issues can be addressed with the correct pillow and taking the time to get it right is more than just a little bit important. It is vital.